The Bloody Chapel and a Gift From God
The Bloody Chapel and a Gift From God

The Bloody Chapel and a Gift From God

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This item comes from a very haunted place that is called Leap Castle.  The year that the main keep was constructed is contested in terms of history, but most guess that the castle was constructed around 1250 AD.  It was built by a group of  nobles named the O'Bannon clan, who were secondary rulers under the O'Carroll clan.  Many different clans tried to conquer the castle.  Some succeeded, but by the mid 1500s the O'Carroll clan laid claim to the castle in full.  
The death of Mulrooney O'Carroll, the fierce and noble leader of the O'Carrols and the fact that the O'Carroll clan were able to win back Leap Castle bear relevancy lay a backdrop for what was about to take place.  After Mulrooney's death a struggle ensues as to who was going to take succeed as ruler of the O'Carroll clan.  It divided the family into two, turning brother against brother.  
One such case was a priest who resided at the Leap Castle.  He preached to the people of the Castle and the surrounding areas.  He was generally a nice guy.  However, one Sunday morning his brother, full of jealousy, crashed his church service by breaking in and deliver a fatal puncture wound to the priest who fell across the altar and died in front of his family.  This place became known as the Bloody Chapel.    
So what was it that turned family against family, brother against brother?  It was the same story that goes was back to the slaying of Abel by Cain.  It's jealousy.  God had given the priest a very prized possession.  It was a rock that came from the robe of Elijah in his high priesthood in Heaven.  This stone was given to the priest because God knew that the priest was good and was trying to overcome the struggles that had plagued his family.  Unfortunately that was not the case and he ended up dying because of it.  
Either way, the stone was given to the priest and the priest slain for the acquisition of this piece and ultimately supreme power.  The ironic part is that the priest hid the piece so good that nobody has been able to find it. Then again, most mainstream historians aren't going by hearsay either.  We find that most hearsay is surprisingly accurate.  
We sent a team on investigation and they were able to locate the stone that was given to the priest by God.  Like I said , this stone is one that has come from the robe of heavenly Highpreist Elijah.  He was once the worlds greatest prophet, but through ascension became Heaven's most powerful high priest.  Each of the stones on his robe hold a power that was given to him directly by God.  
The stone that was taken from this robe and given to the Priest at Leap Castle allowed him to birth angels.   Every time a new human life is born, this piece is given the ability to birth one more angel.  Each angel will have a name that you will call it, as well as a power that will choose for it.  Essentially, with this piece, you can create your own arsenal of white light angels by birthing them with whatever powers you want to gain.  In doing so, you will be able to access this angel and its powers at all times, simply because you are one that birthed it in the first place.  
Make sure that when you are using this piece to birth your angels, you are giving them names, or else they will not know they are owned and they will flutter off.