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This piece is called Logo's the Creation and contains the ability of decoding ancient magic. These magics were lost after 2nd Century B.C., but were made up of numbers and letters and were the powers that made up the universe. They can still be found in rare texts, but are hidden and encoded. These are powerful magics, and extremely few practitioners today have the ability to understand or the avenue to be taught them.

A spirit gave this to a blood witch, so that she had the ability to grow more powerful, and stronger. She was capable of researching and understanding the hidden magics. What Logo's the Creation does is open you to understanding and decoding all the magick of numbers and letters. Once the numbers and letters are given to you, they appear in your mind and you know and understand what they are for, and you are able to create, and make solvent.

Your are looking at a real opal and shell gold. There are also three small pearls at the bottom, and it is and antique. I am letting this go for 300 because it is time to pass it on, but it is an extremely powerful piece and worth much, much more.

See the YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5TaLQDQWHLs