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Secret Chiefs (sometimes "Secret Chiefs of the A.'.A.'.") Aleister Crowley's term for those praeternatural entities which direct the progress of humanity for ends that are usually beyond the ken of mortal men. The Secret Chiefs are of at least the grade of Magus and Magister Templi, may or may not be in human form depending on their own needs at the time, and are utterly unknown to the rest of humanity except in the very rare times when they find it part of their plan to reveal themselves to one person.

Crowley stated that he believes that Aiwass, who dictated The Book of the Law to him, and Ab-ul-Diz and Amalantrah, entities he contacted in other workings, were all Secret Chiefs. In Magick Without Tears he also stated he suspected that a man of his acquaintance (whom he did not name in that particular article) was also a Secret Chief.

The Secret Chiefs are possessed of immense powers, called the "Ophidian Vibrations" which allow them to "insinuate [themselves] into any desired set of circumstances. These powers allow the Secret Chiefs to induce a girl to embroider a tapestry, or initiate a political movement to culminate in a world-war; all in pursuit of some plan wholly beyond the purview or the comprehension of the deepest and subtlest thinkers."

What you are looking at an item that holds 4 Secret Chiefs. Crowley did communicate with some of these and one I know he did not because it is white light so a strange combination for sure. The power is amazing in these four entities and more then I have ever seen for this type of occult magic. This is really powerful but it is not something to play with or take lightly.

You do not have to believe me on this it is okay,I would understand that a power like this is hard to believe. When you have this item it is you agreeing to this power and even if they were not attached they would come anyway. They know you want them. Put it like this they will come if you don't want them and just own this. So you need to know that this is something that you want. I will not lower the price on this at all so please do not ask.

This has come from the people who live in Haddonfield and are into some really strange stuff. I had one lady who bought from me where it came from them and she threw the stuff away because she could not handle it. Know what you are doing as there are no refunds.

This piece is very old and is a bracelet, it is almost an antique and you feel the Ophidian vibrations as soon as you place it on.

See the YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtCWmXF1cFc