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Sooo, what happens when vampires die?  Well, this is only a concept that exists within the infrastructure of a human mind because we are programmed to think that everything has a beginning and an end.  To our understanding all things are created and all things demise.  However, this is simply not the case. There is no beginning and there is no death.  Things simply go through cycles of existence.  This is the case when it comes to Vampire Death and their Cosmic Transformation.  

Symbolic of Vampire Death is the flower called the Chocolate Cosmos, which is native to Mexico.  Once a vampire was "disposed of" and buried in the ground, their blood oozed into dirt and these flowers called the Chocolate Cosmos would grow.  They are called the chocolate cosmos because of their color which ranges from a chocolate color to a blood red.  The cosmos denotes an understanding throughout the magically adept community of what these flowers signify. Since they are mad with the blood of a vampire after he has been vanquished and buried, they signify that a vampire has been transformed from its carnal form into a cosmic form.  

You can count on me when I say there is a whole cosmic realm where these vampires exist, where the whole sustenance of existence is the digestion of pure cosmic power. This is the same power that is put into the bloodstream at conception of human life  and sustains the human life form.  This is why sanguine vampires crave blood, because it is the closest thing to raw cosmic power that they can ingest while in their carnal form.  SO, honestly, you can think of the Cosmic Vampire Realm as their own form of heaven, because it is here that they truly have an unlimited supply of the cosmic energy forms that they truly crave while on Earth.  It is what fuels all of the powers and helps them grow stronger in their current form. In fact, this realm is devised and created purely out of cosmic sustenance and life force, which is driving power behind allvampiric magic.  

Meanwhile, on Earth, until the vampires body has completely decayed these flowers, again called the Chocolate Cosmos, grow where the vampires body has been buried.  These flower are extremely rare, considering.  Encountering these flowers is even more rare than their existence.  However, we managed to find them.  During an alchemy ritual we were able to channel the powers of these flowers, which contain traces of real sanguine vampire blood, into this item.  Accordingly, this item has alchemy blood transfusion of a vampire who is no longer in carnal form, but exists in realm where all cosmic vampires go to exist upon departing from their mortal vessel.  

Thus, this piece gives you the ability to see through the vampires cosmic eyes, into its cosmic realm.  You will also be able to obtain the cosmic vampiric energy that this vampire has obtained through his transformation.  It will give you the ability to use the cosmic rays of energy to develop and maintain your own vampire powers. These will obviously be very similar to sanguine vampire abilities, except they will come quicker and will come on stronger.  You will never gain the craving of blood, because you will already have the power you need to feed and fuel all of the abilities you endeavor to create.  These powers are dual in nature and can literally be used to create any variation of sanguine power that you want-- from psy-op powers, to shape-shifting powers, to levitation or vampiric wealth.  The power in this piece is completely versatile and is governed by no limits due to the nature of its supply of never-ending cosmic forces!