The Good, the Bad, and the Wealthy
The Good, the Bad, and the Wealthy

The Good, the Bad, and the Wealthy

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The origins of the Illuminati can be traced back to the times of the Egyptians and the mystery school in which they taught.  If you don't know what a mystery school is, then allow me to explain.  A mystery school is more than a school of thought.  It is a school that teaches ancient magical secrets.  These secrets were most likely passed down by the same galactic visitors that brought the Egyptians their pyramids.  These powers were reserved only for those people who had reached a level of enlightenment that was necessary to abandon their physical self and move into a hybrid mode where they developed two selves.  One of these selves remain in the mortal world.  The other self is the self that leaves the body and exists at all times in the astral realms.  This second self is always attached to the mortal self via a connection that is best described as a sort of metaphysical umbilical chord.  It is from this chord that the physical self is constantly fed magic and power form the astral self that is constantly travelling in search of truth and enlightenment, wherever that may come from.  This is the true meaning of duality. 

Throughout the years, the word Illuminati has often time become perverse to mean those that want to use their magic and wealth powers to take over the world.  I'm not going to lie or argue with the fact that these types of people exist.  I'm not going to say that they aren't using their magic to control the world.  Starting with the arrival of Illuminati magic in what we now refer to as "the west", the magic began to, little by little, become perverse.  The magic first arrived after British archaeologists found a secret coffin in the grave of the Great Khufu, the Pharaoh who is responsible for the pyramids.  Inside the coffin was not a body, but series of tablets with ancient teachings.  These teachings are the same that have been going on in mystery schools for eons now.  It's just in written form.  Anyway, these tablets were kept secret and brought to the royal family, who use the tablets to bring them magic; but they didn't understand and the powers made them power hungry.  Hence, was the beginning of the whole, using Illuminati magic to rule the world perversion. 

I am also here to tell you that "Illuminati" is a much broader term.  It does include those who try to oppress people using their powers, but it also refers to anybody who has been enlightened by the magic of the ancient mystery schools.  After all, Illuminati means nothing more than the enlightened ones.  There are plenty of people who understand the power and embrace the power for what it was meant to be-- a spiritual awakening technique that brings about enlightenment, ascension, and many powers and magic from across the expanse of existence.  This type of power, by the way, is much more powerful than any perverse version.  The magic is meant to bring peace and prosperity and between the two factions of "good guys and bad guys" there is one common denominator:  the wealth that the Illuminati power brings. 

The wealth of the Illuminati is indescribably.  It's better than suddenly realizing that you've made it to the Top 3 on the Voice, or you just answered the final question on Who Wants to Be A Millionaire.  In fact, if is definitely above the Noveau Rich variety and it even puts the wealth of old-age aristocrats to shame. This is because this wealth is a deep rooted wealth and the energies upon which this wealth rely come from across the universe, which offers vastly more wealth than what our mere Earth has to offer.  It is the ascension of the second self that will bring you this wealth, because it will constantly be searching for these powers and bringing them to you.  It will also be constantly searching for unique and powerful magic that it feed to you along the metaphysical umbilical chord I told you about earlier.  Vast wealth and extreme power are the good consequences of correctly enlightening yourself.  This is why the wealth of the crooked Illuminati, while very present, is totally disposable, because they are selfish about their powers and they just don't get the connection to the outlying worlds that it is supposed to bring.

The point is this-- this piece bring about an original Illuminati awakening.  I almost want to call it an "OG" type of connection that you are getting because they are the originals, not one of these wanna-be powers that came later.  This piece is not ancient at all.  In fact, it is more of a modern piece that is chock full of ancient powers and mysteries.  With this piece, you will experience and enlightenment and ascension of your second self.  Guess what this means?  That's right... wealth and magic! This piece will reel in the wealth and lay it at your feet, in a variety of forms, across many aspects of your life.  It will also bring you magic, understanding and a wide assortment of seriously powerful powers.  However, the wealth that this piece will bring you is astronomical-- literally!!