Wealth Born of the Djinn Stone
Wealth Born of the Djinn Stone

Wealth Born of the Djinn Stone

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Money can be the root of all evil, I suppose.  However, for those of you who don't have a lot of it, money is not so evil after all.  Listen, I'm not ashamed to say that I have been is situations in my life that I have actually prayed to God that he would bring me some sort of windfall, merely because I didn't have enough money to pay bills.  However, God works in mysterious ways.  He doesn't always bring you the money you need right away because he is trying to give you a lesson in patience or piety.  Whatever the case may be, I'm not saying that prayer to God is not effective, it just may not be the most effective way to resolve the issue.  That's why we are offering this piece. 

We all know that Djinn are born out of smokeless fire, but what exactly does that mean?  Well, one would typically consider this to allude to the fact that all djinn must be dark entities; but this isn't true.  I have encountered djinn that were more brilliant and bright light than some of the angels that you will find in Heaven.  This is because they have made from a secret relic that is called the Djinn Stone.  The Djinn Stone was a by product of the creation powers that God used to create the Lake of Fire, into which Saint Michael cast the dragon.  Like I said before, djinn are made out of smokeless fire and the only smokeless fire I can think of is the eternal flames in the pits of Hell. 

This would again, support that fact that Djinn would be evil, right?  False.  Why?  Because Lucifer was once the most beautiful angel in Heaven.  This was until he got greedy, which goes to show that wealth (which he had in angelic form) is not the root of all evil.  What can be evil is how you choose your money.  Given the fact that Lucifer himself is very dual in nature, because he still longs to be beside God, at the right hand of his throne, then the powers in the Djinn Stone cannot be all that bad. In fact, they are more of a dual nature item.  It has no preference as to whether it is used for white light or dark arts.  It is simply magic and it happens to be a relic from which djinn are born.  The stone bears many different types of djinn that then either go to inhabit the Realm of Djinn or walk the face of the Earth.  This is how we made this piece. We found the djinn just wondering around like it had been lost without a cause. 

After making several contacts with the djinn we were able to determine that he was almost as ancient as the Lake of Fire itself, having been born at the stone's most magically prolific period, right after it came out of the Lake of Fire.  It was from this smokeless fire that the djinn was born.  This means he is older than the world, itself, which is undeniably just over 4 1/2 billion years old.  This is a very old djinn and technically he's ever older than that.  Before the world was created, he just floated around the empty space, in other forms of existence and other plains of life apart from our own.  When God built the world, he parked it here permanently, because he also found good in what God had done.  He desired to use his powers to help the newly developed human race.  He did this through his divine and utterly powerful wealth powers. 

These wealth powers are of dual nature, of course, so it will help you gain wealth regardless of your means of obtaining it.  We recommend only using this piece in the traditional manner-- by allowing you to gain wealth in all facets of your life, to let the piece search in its own ways for wealth and prosperity.  However, I would be lying if I told you there are any limitations on this piece, into which the wealth djinn was conjured.  He is pretty much a "ride or die" entity and will help you obtain wealth by any and all means possible.  Remember, money is not the root of all evil-- how you choose to gain this wealth and what you do with it could be the product of evil.  With that being said, I know this piece will bring your wealth beyond anything you have ever imagined.