VooDoo:  Careful What You Wish For
VooDoo:  Careful What You Wish For

VooDoo: Careful What You Wish For

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This piece is not necessarily an original, but there was no investigation that took place in order to find it, either.  We actually are teaming up with a client whom we will call "Julie."  Julie has been a customer of ours for awhile and we always tell her that if she has any needs that she should shop with us, rather than going elsewhere.  There are two reasons for this.  The first reason is because there a lot of fake sellers on the Internet and they shouldn't be offering people things that are not real.  The second reason, is that even the sellers who aren't fake don't know what they are dealing with a lot of times.  People seem to roam out of their comfort level at Haunted Curiosities from time to time and I don't know why.  They always come back though.   Just like Julie did when she bought a Zombie Voodoo Doll from another seller's site, who also will remain nameless because I don't believe in those types of defaming business practices. 

Julie found and was instantly hooked on a Voodoo Doll that look more like a hairball than anything.  No, it seriously looks like something you may pull out of your bathtub, rather than a Voodoo Doll, but Julie thought it was cute, so she bought it.  Like us, Julie has a deep appreciation for the City of New Orleans.  Despite never being there, she has had personal experiences with VooDoo masters and was once even visited by the spirits of African slaves who used to live on the plantation that her current housing development is built over top of somewhere in Georgia.  This is how she came to be so interested in VooDoo, as the African slave spirits instilled her with a limited variety of magic when the visited her the first time.  I can fully understand why she would interested, but I have often told her that if she wants something VooDoo, allow one of us to advise her because that is not the type of power or energy that you want to mess around with.  It can be more detrimental than fooling around with a Ouija Board and forgetting to close out! 

Long Story short, Julie got the doll with the specific instructions that she was to no, under any circumstances take the VooDoo Doll out of its encasement.  Of course, Julie was so enamored by the doll when it showed up at her house, that she took it right out.  I'm not sure why she would do this.  I guess she thought she had it under control, but I assure you she did not.  If wasn't long after she abandoned her instructions that strange things began happening to her.  The doll haunted her dreams, attacked her in her sleep, and would make blood curdling sounds in her ear at night.  This was just the beginning.  It wasn't long before she began to actually see things that weren't there.  Well, that is to say they weren't there to other people.  To Julie, these apparitions were very real and existed beyond a shadow of a doubt.  It's just that they didn't show themselves to others. 

A few months down the road, Julie had a very bad car accident.  A wee or so after that, her father died.  It was a mess and Julie frantically looked for a way to get rid of the doll.  She even look for ways to re list to Ebay and every time she would sell the doll, her customer would get an empty package and the doll would show up somewhere in her house.  It even popped up in her car once on her way to work.  It began controlling her life to the point where she couldn't even leaven the house.  She was hesitant to contact us for help, because she knew that we had told her to refrain from buying these things on a whim. Eventually, though, Deedee picked up on it in a psychic vision, and so she called her and this is when Julie broke down and admitted to what was going on.  We made arrangements to meet Julie in Virginia. 

First glance at the doll and we could tell that it wasn't even necessarily that the doll was bad or ill-spirited.  It is just that Julie had broken the one rule that came with the doll.  The curse was hers to pay for eternity-- that is, until we helped her break and reverse the curse.  We took the doll off her hands and she has since been bless very fortuitously.  It turns out that her deceased father had a wealth of money stacked away.  As she was an only child, it was all hers.  She got a promotion and a raise at her job.  The insurance company completely totalled out the car she had wrecked and she was able to buy a brand new one.  She even found a new relationship down the road a few months from when we reversed the curse. 

As for the doll, we took it with us and we still have it in an undisclosed location and by undisclosed I mean I'm not telling you.  You can trust and believe that the doll is still in its encasement, with one exception.  We have drained all the powers from the doll and put it into this item.  These powers in this doll have not originated in New Orleans.  Rather, they are directly from Haiti and were developed by slaves the were brought to the islands hundreds of years ago.  I can tell you that I don't doubt the magic that they used was an offshoot of the original VooDoo powers as found in Africa.  With that being said, the furthest back we have been able to track them is to Haiti.  This doesn't mean that they aren't very powerful.  They have been touched by the hands of Papa Legba himself, who used the powers for some time.  The doll has also been used by Marie Laveau and her daughter Marie Laveau II, and Delphine LaLaurie several other high profile VooDoo sorcerers throughout history. 

Since we have removed the curse from these powers, this has become a very powerful and very strong VooDoo piece.  Blessed by Papa Legba, himself, this piece will give you a complete VooDoo awakening.  From a standpoint of Christianity vs. the world, VooDoo may look like something that people should steer clear of.  I guarantee you that VooDoo is a very light type of magic, but can be used for dual purposes, just as any magic can.  It is often taught that VooDoo should only be used in positive ways.  Thus, there is nothing evil about VooDoo and nothing evil about this piece.  It release all blocks from your mind to allow you to experience VooDoo powers in their raw form, to use this energy in anyway you see fit. Of course, this power is dual magic, I do mean you can use this piece in any way you want.  Just remember, that VooDoo heavily incorporates karma, so what goes around comes around.  Just because you can use this piece to accomplish ANY magical feat you want, doesn't mean that bad deeds go unpunished.  Just embrace this power and use it for what comes naturally-- wealth, love, sexual enhancement, psychic enhancement, etc.  You will love it!