Shards of Power; Allegheny Dibbuk Box
Shards of Power; Allegheny Dibbuk Box

Shards of Power; Allegheny Dibbuk Box

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Official maps of the Allegheny National Forest suggest there are still five homes in what was once known as Windy City, Pennsylvania.  Best of luck on finding them.  Even if you do find them, best of luck trying to get into one.  I'm not even sure if these homes are really homes.  The places are as active as you and I are and in the same manner that the Pyramids have sprung to life, so have these houses.  I'm not saying that the houses contain ancient Egyptian magic, because that's not at all the direction I'm going with this one.  Rather, what I'm saying is that these dwellings have received a breath of life that have allowed them to become less of house and more of living entities.  I mean, they don't get up and walk around, but when you are camped in the woods for an extended period of time, such as we were, the house will appear and reappear in different locations.  It makes for a very confusing trip, where you are never really sure that you have reached your destination, because the main 5 landmarks tend to move on their own. 

We were first called to the scene of the lost Windy City after a local hiker noticed the homes.  According to him, he had been there many times and he had never experienced these homes before in his life.  I tend to believe him do to the simple fact that he was an older gentleman and he looked like he had seen his fair share of days in the woods.  According to him, he spotted the homes on a hike through the woods one day, and the next day on his way back they had vanished.  He has not seen them since then, but he claims to have known what he saw.  That's why he got in contact with us, so we could check it out, to see if we could see what was going on.  We cracked the case eventually, with a little help from a spirit magnet piece that we have from a separate investigation.  The energies from these houses were attracted to the piece, pretty much forcing them to show themselves to us.  Like I said before, the buildings never appeared in the same place or in the same format.  On a daily basis, they would move to scattered locations throughout the woods. 

The hardest part of the investigation was actually getting into one of the houses.  I will swear by the fact that the houses have eyes and ears of their own, because the minute you start to advance up one of the house, it shimmers and fades away, only to return the very next day in a completely separate area of the woods.  It was actually quite aggravating.  However, with a little help from Deedee's psychic faculties and her ability to pick up on the energy of the woods, we were able to determine just what it was that was taking place in Windy City.  It appears that the town was a promising young boom town of the late 1800s, maybe early 1900s.  This is pretty customary for these types of place.  The small city was founded on the promise of a booming industry for oil, timber, and natural gas. 

This promise didn't last very long and before anyone could really bat an eye, the town was on its way out.  In fact, I'm not even so sure why they called this place a city, because clearly it was never really a city.  I guess they had those intentions, but they never really blossomed.  Although this place was on its way out in the early 1920s, the city wasn't abandoned until about 1960.  What on Earth these people had planned to do to survive, I have no idea.  I'm assuming they didn't need much of a plan, because shortly the business left the town is when it seemed that everyone began suffering mass hysteria.  This is when they started hearing the voices.  The voices instructed them in magic and told them to reconstruct their town's small chapel into a ritual chamber, which they did.  This went on for a year or two, until the force at play had everything perfectly situated where he wanted it.  Then the voice instructed a small group of the townsfolk to make way into the dense Allegheny forest, where they came across a cave.  Inside the cave was a box.  This box was to be taken to the ritual center. 

The box is the source of these people's magic.  Their magic will be discussed shortly, but I just want to make it perfectly clear that this is a very powerful, ancient form of magic.  I'm not sure where the box has come from, not even Deedee could pick up on that.  We were actually able to sneak up on one of the buildings, which used to be the chapel in this small town.  We entered the building and inside is where we encountered the box.  The box is the one that gave the people from the town immortality and why the five houses still exist.  They who up at random parts of the woods, as to keep their existence a secret.  They exist along a dimensional rift where they can exist forever and not have to worry about anything.  This is because the power in the box has given them the ability of unlimited wishing.  This is because the driving force behind the power in the box is an ancient djinn.  We are not sure of the origins of the djinn.  We just know that it has always existed and that it used to be used by the Native Americans, who are the ones that put it in the cave.  When the djinn realized that there were people close enough for it to call upon, it did so.  It was the perfect scenario... use the people of a small town in the middle of the woods, where nobody is going to give a hoot, to rekindle and enliven its powers. 

After we managed to make our way into the Chapel, you better believe that we took the box with us.  Luckily we didn't encounter any of the entities in the disappearing buildings.  I'm pretty sure that with the magic they have acquired over the years, they could have forced us to stay.  I'm just glad we didn't run into them at all.  We did take the box though, and high-tailed it out of there, not wanting to know what would happen when the immortal villagers found out we had taken their magic.  Maybe they will stuck in the rifts of time, never to return.  Maybe they would lose their immortality and finally pass to the other side.  I'm not really sure what happened to them, but I'm pretty sure they knew that we had taken the box.  Immediately afterwards, the buildings began to do that fade and shimmer thing and they were lost.  It also could have been because the magnet piece with us and it only works in our immediately vicinity.  I'm not quite sure what they case is, either way, we have not been back to see if we could relocated the structures that were given life and immortality-- as well as the villagers-- to appear and reappear at their own free will. 

After extensive research and testing with this piece, we have been able to determine that this box is what one would call a dibbuk box, despite looking nothing like a wine box.  A dibbuk box is a box that is believed to hold a restless, evil spirit who is capable of haunting and possessing the living owners of the box.  I assure you though, we weren't having that and immediately cast a negation spell on the spirit's negative ways.  It turns out the spirit that is in this Dibbuk Box is a djinn.  The box appears to have been made from cedar and has all kinds of strange markings all over it.  I would post a picture of the box, but I can't because every time I try to take a picture, it comes out blurry.  I even had one camera overheat and stop working all together, which really pissed me off, because I had just bought it a few days prior.  With the right procedural testing, though, we have been able to transfigure the energy in the presence of this box into a positive experience.  In doing this, we have figured out a way that the djinn that inhabits this ancient dibbuk box can produce offspring.  The offspring are dual djinn and will grant unlimited wishes of power and wealth.  By using the box, we figured out a method to place an item into the box and have it work as a charging box so we can create our own items.  The result of this is that each item that we place in the box gives us a djinn offspring is dually, powerful in nature.  You name it, your djinn can make it happen.  It will bring you any type of power and any type of wealth that you want.  As for the djinn in the Dibbuk Box, he is please as ever that the legacy of his magic lives on, in one way shape or form.  As for the immortal villagers, well... I haven't encountered them or their living buildings since the last day of our investigation.

We can make an unlimited number of these items, because we have the Dibbuk Box at headquarters.  We are not selling the Dibbuk Box, so don't ask.  If we decide to get rid of it, we will let you know and give you a price.  For now, we are making items for people as per their request.  When you order an item, you will need to include your zodiac sign.  The Dibbuk Box will then choose what piece is right for you.  You will then get a piece that embodies an eternal djinn.  This djinn, as previously stated, will bring you unlimited wishes, all the magic you want, and all the wealth you want.  This is not an opportunity that crosses you every day, so why no take advantage while you can?  You will not regret your decision.