Wealth of a Heaven Phoenix
Wealth of a Heaven Phoenix

Wealth of a Heaven Phoenix

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There isn't a whole lot to say about this ring, other than the fact that it wields a very form of powerful magic.  The magic that is inside comes from the fact that it holds a very ancient entity.  Some of you will remember the radio show we did where we actually astrally traveled into Heaven.  If was a very enlightening experience for both Deedee and I, so we decided that we would have several concurrent visits to Heaven using the same piece that we used on the radio show.  Well, actually it was a duplicate piece that we had made for ourselves, because the original sold for a very high price, because of how powerful it was.  We often go exploring on other realms, as this is where most of powers come from.  However, the fact that we could use this piece to get into Heaven, up close and personal with all the things that exist there was a very refreshing experience, especially when we are on the continuous mission to bring you the most powerful items that we can find.  Sometimes these things just hit us.  It doesn't matter if it's two in the afternoon or we are asleep at four in the morning.  We cannot control when these powers come to us, so this is why when we discover a piece that lets us travel to a particular place in time and/or existence, we often use the item more than once.  This way, we can make sure we are getting the full experience, not just part of it.  This is why even after we broadcast our trip to Heaven, we made several more.  We wanted to be absolutely positive that we got all that we could out of our journey. 

Fortunately, we made this decisions, because we have offered several pieces since that radio show, that we have gotten on our trips back to Heaven using the same power.  This is one of those pieces, but it is not the typical kind of piece that you would expect to be getting from Heaven.  If you didn't know, there are multiple layers of Heaven.  There isn't just one Heaven, as many people seem to think.  In total there are Seven Heavens, and depending on how you lived your life, you will be allotted to a certain level of Heaven.  The high up the level you wind up in, the more powerful and majestic your afterlife will become.  The reason I am telling you this is because this piece was taken from the Seventh Level of Heaven.  This is not where the Throne of God exists.  The Throne exists in the Realm of the Throne, which is kind of like Heaven, but is kept apart from the rest due to the fact that it is God's most Holy Place.  The Garden of Eden is also kept separate, but that's a different story.  We are focused on something else entirely. 

I want you to think back to anything and everything you have ever known about King Solomon.  I will give you a brief description, but there is always more that you will probably find out.  We all know that he was the chosen to be King of Israel by God.  He was the favorite son of King Solomon and we all know that King David was the chose King of God.  God loved King David probably more than he ever loved any other king.  That is why he gave him an extremely wise son, who went on to become one of the greatest rulers of Israel and one of the greatest kings in history, period.  While on Earth, King Solomon was huge into magic.  Any magic that he could gain, he was going to try his hardest to not only obtain that magic, but to fully understand it to the best of his ability.  He even commissioned the magic of Djinn to help him build the First Temple, which was then dedicated to God.  He adored wealth powers, which is how he came into so much wealth, which he stored in the King Solomon's Mines and other locations.  The point is, King Solomon was into anything magic. 

It appears that even as an eternal spirit, this craving for magic has not diminished.  During this particular trip into the realm of Heaven, we encountered King Solomon in his afterlife in the Seventh Layer of Heaven.  While on Earth, God didn't necessarily approve of Solomon doing all of his magic stuff, because that was to be left for the prophets.  They eventually came to an agreement and Solomon turned from his magic, but in his afterlife-- in his form of Heaven-- he has all the magic he wants.  This is fed to him directly by God, who has given Solomon control over all the white light magic that he possesses.  Solomon has used this power to build magnificent white light temples that he has been infusing with wealth powers since he he arrived in Heaven after his death.  These temples, which are the famed Mansions of Heaven, were all built with the white light magic of God, which is the same magic that was used to create humans and the world.  It has been fortifying the mansions with Heavenly wealth ever since Solomon built them.  You can only imagine how powerful they have become by now. 

In order to build the wealth of his innumerable mansions, Solomon has created an army of white light Phoenixes that build his wealth for him.  There is one Phoenix for each mansion that is constantly building up the wealth of that particular mansion. Every time a mansion is built, so is a Phoenix.  The wealth is built up with the cycles of the white light phoenix, which work exactly the same way it would if they were here on Earth.  Each time the Phoenix cycles, the wealth of the mansion becomes that much greater.  Thus, Solomon has managed to enumerate great Heavenly wealth through his time in Heaven, so I'm sure you cam imagine.  To be standing in front of this wealth is unlike anything you have ever witnessed.  It makes the entire world banking system look like a grain of sand that you could simply wash away with the ocean. 

After our experience with the mansions, we were fortunate to be sent home with this piece.  This ring is a Phoenix hatching.  Just like when a brand new Phoenix is birthed with the construction of each new mansion, when you use this piece, it will birth a new white light Phoenix on your behalf.  When you wear this piece, you will notice that your wealth will begin to increase, little by little.  Then, you Phoenix will recycle and you will notice that your wealth gets an significant increase.  It will stay at this level for a while, until your Phoenix re-cycles its existence again.  Then, your wealth will increase again.  Your piece will continue this way, until you have eventually built up a significant amount of wealth.  This process will not take very long, in between cycle periods.  Maybe a few weeks or a month.  The whole while you will experience the wealth power bringing you wealth, it's just that as your Phoenix gains more cycles, the type of wealth will become greater and greater, until the wealth you are getting become monumental and you will not want for anything, ever!  It is a rare white light blessing that we are able to share with you through our own incredible experience!  This wealth opportunity is not one that you want to pass up.  It is very powerful and guilt free... after all, in is white light, from Heaven wealth.   


This ring can either be worn as a ring or as a pendant on a chain.  It is gold plating over sterling.  The Stone is white because it contains the powers of the Heaven Phoenix that is being born to you.  This power is not one that you want to pass up!