Astral Eyes of a Native Guide
Astral Eyes of a Native Guide

Astral Eyes of a Native Guide

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The most powerful forms of magic come from the voices of the Earth.  What I mean by this is that are energies all around us, constantly brewing and waiting to be used.  This is why ancient civilizations exhibited so much power, because they were able to recognize these powers for what they actually are.  In today's society our brains have become so bastardized.  We are constantly on our cell phones.  We are always playing games on our computers.  We are watching shows that we have recorded to our DVR.  Even down to our very basic needs, everything has become so dependant upon a digitalized world.  While these things might be great and all, and some of them tend to make our lives so much easier, it's all a part of a greater plan of world dominance.  Those who control and run the world are fully aware of the magic that exists in our world and they know that despite the polluting of our world, these energies still exist all around us and they are ripe for the picking.  They don't want quote, unquote normal humans to figure this out, because then they may become to powerful to control.  So, they feed us electronic bullcrap, with dazzling wowing effects, because these won't ever allow for an uprising of powers. 

Meanwhile, there are those who have already fully embraced the powers that are found on Earth.  They are few and far between, but I will tell you now that none have been better at embracing these powers than the Native Americans.  On the outside, the Native Americans seem like since the beginning of times, they were a more primitive peoples.  I am here to tell you that this is not true.  This is a facade that has been put on for the world, because of the fact that they are so powerful, in a different way.  Since the beginning of times these Natives have been able to twist and pull these natural powers and energies to suit their needs, to develop new powers and abilities, to create magic, to practice alchemy.  They realize that the very essence of life that exist on our Earth, that runs through the leylines of the world, is the same essence of life that exists at the seems of our universe that holds everything together.  It is the same as the blood that runs through our veins and why blood alchemy is so important and why in the Bible is says that in the blood is the life.  It's because our veins are the ley lines of our body and this blood is our own energy, just like all things in nature have an energy. 

For different people, God has always been interpreted as different things.  For some, he is the God of Abraham.  For some He is a pantheon of lesser deities, with one chief deity.  In the Native American interpretation, god has come forth in a series of Nature gods that have come to Earth to teach them how to use the energies that have been used to create everything you see.  Even down to the most minute detail. this energy was summoned from the seams of the universe and used to create the world that we know.  The gods are the teachers of the ancient ways, the ones who keep all the secrets and lost knowledge.  They descended to Earth to teach the Natives and this is why the Natives are so powerful and why the magic is so coarse and raw.  It is seriously some of the most forceful power that I have ever felt.  Ever witness and Native American haunting.  One time I was called into do an investigation in a mansion that we later found out was built overtop of a Native American burial ground.  I will tell you now that an witnessing a demonic exorcism seemed like sweet dreams compared to what the Native magic could do to those it chose to inflict.  Their powers are universal, neither dark nor light, as the Natives don't necessarily believe in good and evil.  Rather they believe in the manipulation of energy to provide those things that they need.  In this case they were conveying a message... get off of their burial plot or suffer mental and physical anguish and Hell.

The point is that ring was made with turquoise that comes from an ancient Native American shrine.  We found this shrine while we were exploring caves in West Virginia.  We don't often travel to West Virginia, but we were contacted because of lights that were seen darting around the woods, and floating off into the sky.  It could never be physically proven, but there were several reports of the on-goings, so we decided to take a look.  The best way I can describe what we found when we showed up in West Virginia is that it looked like bog lights floating all over the place.  While we were on the investigation, I accidentally walked through one of the lights.  While I was inside of the light, or the light was inside of me, I felt a state of calm.  It was as if the world didn't really exist and all the worries I've ever had were completely erased.  I saw into the center of the universe into the Cosmic Life force.  I was taken way up above existence as we know it and I was shown all of the worlds that exist, not just our own.  In an instant, I could feel that life has a higher purpose and serves a better purpose that what we could possible understand in our human form.  As quick as the feeling happened, it passed through, then it was done.  It felt even better than an orgasm, and I wanted to get to the bottom of what exactly was going on. 

We kept on until we found the source of the light, which was the cave that we ended up exploring.  In the cave were a bunch of inscriptions that we didn't quite understand.  There were humanoid forms carved, which in my opinion, looked to be an ancient form of alien.  Who knows?  Maybe the same Annunaki gods that visited the Sumerians in ancient times.  Most time, people underestimate the expanse of time in which the Natives existed and that's because the simple answer is they just don't know.  For crying out loud, they didn't even realize the Natives existed until Columbus showed up in 1492.  Either way, the point is the carvings were very old and seemed to point to some ancient secret that at the moment Deedee and I just weren't getting.  We stumbled across a collection of precious rocks in a corner.  There were aglow with energy and just holding them in your hand made you feel energy that radiated from them.  We only took two of them.  We have one left to offer you. 

This piece explained so much of what was going on that night.  The glowing lights were Native American Astral guides.  They fly to and from different realms in the spirit form, which is why these lights float around and shoot and dart around into the sky.  They can be summoned by different people who are intelligent enough to do so, but mostly they are just restless Native souls, who are enjoying their afterlife, in which they are still able to enjoy Nature, which is the very thing they held sacred while alive.  Only they get to enjoy all of nature, not just worldly nature, but astral nature, too.  Nature from other realms and the very power that exists at the "center" of the universe.  It is the power that makes up nature and the powers that radiate through everything, even our own bodies.

With this piece, that was made with a piece of turquoise we took from the Native cave of secrets, you will get a personal Native spirit guide.  This guide will come to you when you wear your piece and allow to free your body of all blockages and things that are keeping you from enjoying astral freedom.  It will reverse the mind control effects that have been implemented on your body.  You will then get an enlightenment and opening of the third eye, which will put you into the same state as I was when the light passed through my body.  It will give you state or spiritual nirvana, where you exist as one with all things that exist along the energy lines and ley lines that fed through the universe, our Earth, and even our own bodies.  This will put you in the know of all things and all powers that exist around you.  It will allow you to travel upon these same ley lines and that will allow you astral travel. 

You will be able to see the whole of existence, not just what we know as humans.  It will give you ability to use these powers to also travel backwards and forwards into time.  You will be able to visit any point in the space-time continuum, as time is merely a device used by humans and it doesn't exist anywhere else in the natural universe.  This will allow you to visit many enchanted realms and even the days of the ancients, where you can learn magic and gain powers from them.  Of course, it will give you a total worldly enlightenment of the powers and magic that exist on our very own planet, in our own realm of existence.  This way, you can create your own spells and magical forms to use while you are on Earth.  These powers are very powerful, despite the fact that when given this piece as a whole it seems less exciting than the total prospect.  Don't discount what is in your very back yard.  You'll be surprise at the amount of power and magic is there!

Finally, this piece will allow you to break free of your mortal bounds, to become an immortal traveler.  Your Native guide will guide you along this path, as if you were one of his own Indian Braves.  There is no better feeling than known that everything you've ever know and all the things you can't do are a fallacy.  Get this piece now and break free!!