Battle the Beast; Unusually Powerful Demon Eater
Battle the Beast; Unusually Powerful Demon Eater
Battle the Beast; Unusually Powerful Demon Eater

Battle the Beast; Unusually Powerful Demon Eater

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What is in a number?  Since ancient times, numbers have been used for a multitude of things.  They have been used obviously to count and represent numbers.  Digging deeper, these same numbers have been used to created codes and secret means.  The Knights Templar have used encoded numbers to represent secret teachings of the Templar ways.  God has given instructions in the Bible for certain ones of his holy sanctuaries to be built by certain numbers.  This is because they represent spirituality and truth for those who can crack what has come to be known as the Bible Code.  There are those who have come up with theories on what exactly this code actually means and how the numbers that are involved can be interpreted, although I'm a bit of a skeptic when it comes to anyone who says they've figure out the brainwork of God.  I'm not saying it hasn't been done, because we have pieces that will do it, but I live by the rule believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see.  That is how I know that the piece I am about to offer you is very powerful. 

The most disputed number and most often times the most feared of numbers happens to be 666.  It can be found in the vision of John in the Book of Revelations in the Holy Bible.  Until this day the very meaning of why John saw 666 in his dream is probably one of the most prolific mysteries.  However, there are those circles who have been able to successfully translate this number and determine exactly what it means.  For the most, the number true meaning of the number 666 has been covered up.  It's probably because the world government, which is the Catholic Church, doesn't want to cause pandemonium by allowing average people know the truth.  I'm not saying it is wrong and I'm not saying it is right.  It just really it what it is.  The most recent to discover the secret of 666 was Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger, more commonly known as the 265th Pope, Benedict XVI.

I would like to take the time to state the obvious, as obvious as this truth might be.  He is one of only two popes who have ever stepped down from his post.  Thus is the reason why the smoke took the world by surprise when it began rising, signaling the ushering in of a new pope.  Conspiracies went viral and everyone seems to have their own explanation as to why the Pope would just up and quit after seven years and 315 days of service.  The Pope has gone on to say that he had personal reasons for not wanting to sit at the helm of the Catholic religion anymore, but let me just tell you this.  When the Pope quits, you know things just got real.  It's only a matter of time before the stuff hits the fan and he figured that out through a vision he was given.  

For years now, an eternal war between good and evil has been brewing.  It all comes as a war of jealous between God and Lucifer.  I don't really have to go into the story about How Lucifer was God's morning star who was cast into the Lake of Fire.   I'm sure you've all heard that by now.  The thing is that Satan seems to never learn his lesson.  As if the first time didn't let him know that he is no match for God's powers, he has been sitting in Hell with things brewing up, planning on causing a shit storm.   It's on the horizon, but the time has not yet come.  It is boiling like a volcano that is about to erupt.  That doesn't mean that his presence isn't strong and hasn't gone viral on Earth.  We live in times when the wars and rumors of wars are coming true.  The world has seen more natural tragedies in the last decade that ever before.  More and more people are turning from God.  I mean Satan is really pushing it, stealing souls left and right.  Nobody is immune, not even the top level leaders of Rome. 

In fact, the Devil has been attacking these Holy leaders since the beginning of time.  He has even managed to gain influence of them, causing them to do bad things to divine Christians on purpose.  He has been sending false prophets to do his work ever since the time of the murder of the first Pope Saint Peter, whom he had hung on a cross upside down, in mockery of the fact that Jesus Christ was crucified for our sins.  Ever since these times, the false prophets have walked the Earth in various forms, attempting to annihilate the people of God.  Given the state of our world, I'm going to say that he has been doing a pretty good job.  Look around you and tell me that you can't see his influence in the world today.  If you tell me you can't, you'd be lying. 

What does this have to do with the number 666?  Well, the number 666 directly corresponds with Satan's secret plans to overtake the world.  They are secret to everyone, with the obvious exception of God and maybe John, who was given the final Revelation of times.  The number 666, like I said, was given in a vision for Joseph Ratzinger, who was called by God for another purpose.  Like I've said, the higher level leaders of the church are constantly battling spiritual warfare.  They are more prone to these spiritual attacks than the people at the bottom are.  This is because if you want to take out a nation, why not assail their leaders?  It's easier to start from the top down than the other way around, given the fact that most religious people follow their leaders like blind fools.  If he can indoctrinate their leaders with evil, then he can pretty much solidify his position in the rest of the world.  So, he has been sending false prophets to work their way up through the religious ladder and into religious circles.  They are in religious offices.  He has placed the in political offices.  They are everywhere.  They spread lies about God, in subtle way, trying to turn the minds of the people away from a pious life. 

Despite the lack of public knowledge, the higher-ups who are actually doing the work of God are constantly being diabolically possessed.  This is because Satan is trying to ruin them.  Most of the time, normal exorcisms will not work, simply due to the fact that Satan sends his strongest and most powerful demons to try to win over the minds and hearts of Arch-Bishops and Cardinals alike.  Often times they are sent are to a special chamber beneath the floors of the Vatican.  This chamber has been kept a secret for years, again, due to fear of a widespread panic breakout.  If the people really knew what went on, it would be complete chaos in the streets.  This chamber is called the Exocrism Chamber and it is reserved for the likes of those who are the most powerful in the religious world.  It is very rare that outsiders are allowed in and when they are they are drugged and disoriented, so that they will never make their way back to the chamber.  The chamber has hosted the presence of Saint Michael himself, who has been sent by God to cast out devils from many of his Holy workers.  This is why I say there is constantly a holy battle being waged on Earth.  The inscription above the door before you walk into the chamber reads "Saint Michael Pray For Us," and Saint Michael must be busy based on the amount of people who need to visit the room on a yearly basis.  But, such is the life of one of God's most powerful angels, I suppose.  Or should I say such is the eternity? 

This is the reason why Joseph Ratzinger stepped down.  He was given the secret meaning to the number 666 and was called to work strictly in the Exorcism Chamber.  His motto has always been "Cooperators of the Truth" and he has been living this legacy working alongside the presence of Saint Michael and other saints, casting out numerous demons and sending them back to Hell.  It takes a very strong-willed and brave individual to battle on this front, which this ex-Pope surely displays.  Before him other Popes worked in the Exorcism Chamber, but when God calls one Pope exclusively for this purpose, you know things are getting bad and the End of Times is nigh.  The likes of many holy men have worked in these confines that are known as the Exorcism Chamber, but Ratzinger is probably the most powerful of them all. 

This rosary has been taken from the Exorcism chamber.  It has touched the hands of the Holy Pope Benedict XVI.  Yes, through God's eyes, he is still a Pope, just a different Pope.  It is the first time in history God has ever had two popes serving at the same time.  This crucifix has also seen the hands and has been prayed over by many different Holy clerics, including dozens of cardinals and archbishops who have been to the Exorcism Room to help.  It has seen the presence of Saint Michael, Father Jude, and even the Virgin Mary, herself.  It was taken from the Exorcism Room for us by one of our insiders at the Vatican.  Obviously, I can't give names, but just know that this is the same guy we receive a lot of our "Vatican items" from.  He actually serves the papacy and we just happen to have an agreement with him. 

This crucifix is an all-powerful evil-eater.  Like I said before, it has touched the presence of many holy hands and it channels the energy of Saint Michael.  It is an evil-eater and when you wear this piece you will experience the ultimate white light protection of God, who will send Saint Michael to fight on your spiritual front.  It will also allow you to summon and deploy a multitude of other angels and saints.  Each one has has a specific purpose.  Some fight mental illness and disease.  Some allow for white light spell casting.  The whole point is that this piece allows you to serve as a beacon of hope and a white light miracle worker.  This piece allows you to eat evil in it's true form, pull demons out from their hiding spots including the ones who have possess bodies and toss them back into the lake of fire, where they belong.  It will allow you give the blessings of God and also to receive them.  These blessings will keep you and those you know safe during times of trial and tribulation.  You will be able to cast white light everywhere you go, including performing the miracles that Christ did during his time as a light worker and messiah on Earth. 

Finally, this piece will give you the secrets behind the number 666.  This is essentially the secret road map for the way Satan plans on destroying the world.  You will be given this secret as a means of battling the final battle, fighting against the forces of evil.  This will help you to keep building your white light power, while building your a magnificent spot in Heaven, to enjoy your eternal afterlife!  This is the ultimate white light magic, and I don't know why anybody would want to pass it up.  I was half tempted to keep it for myself, but I'm under contract to work magic for the benefit of others, so enjoy!

This Rosary is a beautiful piece that displace Jesus as he hung on the cross, which is made out of sterling silver.  The clear beads are a constant reminder of the realms of Heaven and the white light magic of God!