The Gnostic Hand of God

The Gnostic Hand of God

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This is a very powerful piece of Gnostic magic.  Gnosticism can be best described as collection of religions, rather than just one religion.  The adherents of Gnosticism embrace all forms of metaphysical magic and shun the material world, because they view this as a distraction from reaching their ultimate goal of metaphysical freedom.  Each person is pretty much in charge of their own religious experience, meaning that whatever a person finds to be true is true.  The material world does not exist and we are all put on Earth to break free from the material world to become highly enlightened individuals.

This goals can be accomplished by taken any chose metaphysical path that you choose to take.  The reason is because physicality doesn't exist and the interpretation of existence is done on a personal level.  Thus, whatever religion you claim to adhere to cannot be prove nor can it be disproved.  The power of the universal cosmos flows through you, allowing you to experience whatever fate it is you want to experience, you just have to get past your physical means, to open up what is on the inside, which is your soul or your metaphysical self.  Often times, those who claim to have experience higher enlightenment tend to jump back and forth between different metaphysical realms, because they have trained their mind to be able to interpret reality in multiple different ways. 

Like I said, this piece is a very powerful form of Gnostic magic that just so happens to have been made in adherence to the Christian faith, but no in the way that is described in the Bible.  This is like Christianity on steroids and adheres more to the truths that medieval Gnostic sorcerers knew to be true.  I'm not saying the Bible is a bad book, but it is very near sighted.  It is a good book to use as a road map to get to where you want to be, if that is where you choose to be.  However, just as with any at last or in these days, GPS, it takes the most direct route there.  Well, I'm simply going to say that there is more than one path that leads to all destinations.  You must explore in life, or your life has been in vane.

Both medieval and ancient scholars knew this to be true.  They held secret Gnostic meetings in which they exchanged forms of enlightenment and way in which they could embrace the universal cosmos, which is universal enlightenment and knowledge.  Some of these people reflected this work in their music, their sculpting, their artwork, etc.  Such was the case of the great Michelangleo.  He hid subliminal messages in many of his artwork in the same fashion as Leonardo DaVinci.  It was a common practice, because spreading this information was consider heretical and was punishable by death.  Those who wanted to see art, saw art.  Those who were supposed to see the message, got it. 

This piece shows a small portion of the piece of work by Michelangelo called the Creation of Adam.  You can look the picture up if you'd like.  It's quite astonishing.  However, the most important part of the picture is the part that we have on this necklace.  Hidden in the message was a Gnostic teaching about how to become like God, himself.  Of course, he couldn't go telling people of the time this because religion was the law.  God was considered the supreme being and becoming like Him-- even though we were made in His image-- was somehow considered disrespectful.  I'll never understand it myself, but those were the times. 

Anyhow, in this piece is held an ancient Gnostic teaching and this teaching allows you to leave your physical self behind.  Just like the picture suggests, this piece holds a power called the Hand of God.  The ultimate struggle is for humans to reach out to touch the Hand of God.  This piece gives you that opportunity and when you wear it and reach out, it will be God's Hand that you find.  Once you have been touched by the Hand of God, you will be able to leave your body.  You will be in your pure form, as God intended before Adam and Eve messed it up, which is another reason why the human hand is depicted apart from God's.  

This power will send a spark into your soul and internal being that will enliven your DNA sequence.   You will be able to travel the realms of Heaven at your of leisure to communicate with angels or whatever else you find there.  They are full of powers and magic and are totally willing to share these. Spreading white light can never hurt, right?  But this power does something even more amazing for you.  It will allow you to take these powers back with you to your mortal body.  When you return to your mortal body, you will find that it has received an awakening that puts your soul in full charge over your mortal body, that way you will live in truth and awakening rather than being blinded by physical nonsense.  It is then that you will receive the full powers of the Universal Cosmos.  You will be give the power to become exactly like God in your human form.  This means you will be able to see into the past, the present, and the future.  You will gain a universal knowledge in which you will be able to see all things, just as God does and to know all powers and magic just as God does.  You gain the ability to raise the dead, to do white light healings, open your third eye to obtain universal oneness, and full awa‌kening of your psychic faculties.  It really is like you were created in the image of God, as these are the powers that you will be getting!