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'm not sure why but somewhere along the line the term Gypsy has become offensive.  I guess the correct terminology for these people would now be Romani, but I personally think that their heritage is a beautiful thing and should be called as such, so this is why I'm referring to this piece as a Gypsy charging box.  You all know what a Gypsy is and for the longest time they were denounced and chased out of countries because people didn't understand the powers that they had to offer.  They were considered sacrilegious and for that reason many people thought of them as doing the work of the devil; but this isn't true.  On the contrary many of the Gypsy's work are extreme white light and they are done in a means to promote peace and prosperity.  Most of the magic that the Gypsies have learned and have passed down along their bloodline are adaptations of ancient Egyptian powers, given that this is where the Gypsy culture began to blossom.  They were originally Egyptians that were forced into exile when the country began to embrace other religious initiatives, leaving those who believed in the "old way" in the dark. 

This charging box is very powerful and once belonged to the contemporaries of the late Carmen Amaya.  During her mortal life, Carmen Amaya was undoubtedly the most powerful Gypsy to be found on the face of Earth. She was often referred to as the Gypsy Queen and really popularized and brought to fruition many forms of Gypsy magic and culture including the dance of Flamenco.  She traveled the world performing for people and teaching those who were willing to listen her ways of magic and occult powers.  She has since metamorphosed into an astral form of immortality, but has left her divine magic and knowledge behind for those who are willing to embrace it. These powers are pretty much unparalleled in the world of Gypsy magic, as she was one of the most powerful to ever endure mortality. 

This box is one that we found at a consignment shop.  Had the owner really known what she it is she was selling to us, I doubt that she would have passed it up so easily.  We could sense her presence almost immediately in the piece and while we didn't know exactly what it was the piece would do, we knew that it was one that we definitely had to have.  Later, through a series of tests we determined that the entity that had given powers to this piece was definitely Carmen Amaya.  This piece had originally been a piece that belonged to one of her contemporaries, who summoned Carmen into this piece in order to give it the powers that is possesses. 

This original piece is a Gypsy magic charging box. It will charge any magic item up to 100x its original strength.  The chemistry that this piece has with items that are of Gypsy magic is phenomenal, but it doesn't necessarily have to be a Gypsy magic piece for the charging to take place.  To charge a piece, all you have to do is put an item into the box and leave it there for a total of three days.  After the third day, you can take it out and you will practically feel the power flowing out of the item.  It is really that powerful. 

Aside form this power, this charging box also serves as a power creation box.  To use this power, you will need to wait until the night of a full moon.  It has to be on the night of the actual full moon, not the day before or day after.  If you don't pinpoint the night of a full moon, this power will not work properly.  You put an empty vessel into the charging box and leave it outside in a safe place, where they alchemy of the moon will be able to wash through your item.  This will call Carmen into the piece to enchant the piece with whatever power you request of her.  She will know this, because after you put the item in the box and the box is in the light of the full moon, you will state your intentions, asking her to bless the item that you have placed in the charging box with the powers you wish to have.  We have used this piece several times to make several different items and can attest to the great power with which this piece works!