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There is some truth to all lies.  You would do well to remember that.  The same is the case in the story that was written about a wizard named Merlin.  I'm sure that anybody who is into the magic and the occult will recognize the name Merlin.  The trouble is that most people think of him as being an entirely fictitious character.  It really kind of gets to me, because when there is magic out there that is as powerful as his was, it should be sought after.  Many people don't bother because they get wrapped in thinking that the existence of Merlin was created, that he never really existed and that his magic is a fable.  Well, if you wish to go on living in the dark, then you can choose to do so.  If you want to be enlightened in the ways of the real Merlin and experience the full onset of his power and what it can do for you, then I invite you to keep reading. 

I'm not saying that every aspect of Merlin was the truth. In fact, I'm not even sure if his given name was Merlin, this is just who he was known as when he showed up to King Arther and the Knights of his round table and began enlightening them in the ways of his magic.  This King Arthur an his Knights of the Round Table are also thought to be a tall-tale, when in actuality they aren't  They are a medieval group, almost like a mystery school or secret society.  The magic the inherited from this wizard for, who by the way is immortal and has been around from day one, is very real and very powerful.  The round table was table they sat around that was given to them by Merlin that was blast with white light ascension power, so that way whenever they needed to summon Merlin they could do so.  It wasn't any different than a modern day seance where people sit around a table to summon spirits, save for the fact that it actually worked every single time. 

When traveling with the King and his knights Merlin would appear as a wise old man.  When being summoned from the table he appeared in his ancient form, he appeared in his true soul form.  I'm guessing that image of the prior is where we humans gain a collaborative image of what a wizard should look like and is the basis upon which such fictional characters as Dumbledore and Gandolf the Great are based.  However, similar to the fashion in which Michelangelo and DaVinci hid their secret powers in the works of art, so did Geoffrey of Monmouth.  He is the author that wrote the stories of Arthurian Legend in which the wizard, Merlin, first appeared.  It was to be understood as a story, while still conveying truth to those who knew better.  The same way the Bible was written in code, so was this tale.  Thus, if you can actually read between the lines and pick up on what Mr. Geoff was attempting to convey, then you are in a good position to gain power-- and not just some but bucket loads of it.  This is why King Arthur had his roundtable and his knights, because the power of Merlin was very real.  This is why the story was written, because the power of Merlin was very real.  This is how we are offering this item to you, because the power of Merlin is still very real. 

In modern times, Merlin has pretty much preferred to stay in his spirit form. Not only do people leave him alone that way, but he also more powerful in this form.  He is an immortal and a magical one at that, so he travels the realms in this for, constantly seeking other forms of powers and abilities.  This is what you do when you are magical and immortal.  You will never stop learning and you will never stop growing in power.  Once you get that first taste of magic, you are going to want more there is no doubt about it.  This piece was made during a summon ceremony that we held, which was held actually more like  seance, with candles and all.  We used a summoning piece that has since been listed to the website that allows you to speak into all realms and summon any presence that you want.  He showed up to us in his spirit form, just as he had to King Arthur.  While he was with us, he conveyed that there is still a society called the knights of the Round table, but the pretty much live in the shadows afraid of being condemned for the very magic that has made them so powerful.  King Arthur has long been deceased, but there is an official who is appointed to be in charge of the round table, who Merlin picks.  It is a tradition that been kept up with, despite the fact that people don't know about it.  Then, again there are a lot of powers that people don't know about, but it doesn't make them any less real. 

We are calling this piece the Wand of Merlin, even though it is not his original want.  It is a piece that he has given to us and it holds a tremendous amount of power.  In fact, it's the stone that holds all the powers and you could say it is a regular chip of the old block.  Held in this stone is the full faculty of Merlin's power, the immortal wizard.  When using this piece it will give you a full-- and I mean full, over the top, wow I can't believe that just happened-- enlightenment.  This will bring you all the powers of Merlin, which he will convey to you through your psychic faculties, the same way he gave his powers to King Arthur and his knights!  To use the piece you must stir it in a glass of water a few times like you would if you were making chocolate milk or a mixed drink.  This will create an alchemy elixir that you can drink.  Do this for seven days straight.  You will feel yourself building up and by the seventh day, the secrets of Merlin's uninhibited sorcery will come to you.  You will be able to use this sorcery to create your own powers and abilities, without limits.  There are no restrictions on the amount of type of magic you create!  It's pure sorcery!