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I won't be like the Blue Oyster Cult and tell you not to fear the Reaper.  If the Reaper appears to you, you most likely are on your way out.  Not always, but most likely.  What I will tell you not to fear is the Angel of the Death.  I want to make something clear.  It is a misconception that the Angel of Death and the Grim Reaper are one in the same.  This is not true.  The Grim Reaper, while I'm not by any means saying it doesn't exist, is more the embodiment of death.  It is his responsibility to collect the souls of the living, when it is there time to go.  Angel, which is derived from the Greek work angelos, is indicative of some sort of messenger.  Therefore, the Angel of Death is more the harbinger of death, who brings about a message of death that has been sent by God.  It can be used to forewarn people of their death, but in some instances, such as when the Angel of Death killed every first born in Egypt, he is also responsible for the act of Death, as a message of God.  For instance, I'm killing your first born child as a witness that God's instructions have been very precise.  Let my people go.  Now, I'm going to kill your child and hopefully... just hopefully... you'll get it.  I hope that you who are reading comprehend the difference. 

This item is more of an Angel of Death piece than it is a Grim Reaper piece.  The Reaper depicts imminent and inevitable death.  The angel of death deals with all characteristics of death.  He is the one that holds the magic of God that deals with death.  This magic is dual in nature due to the nature of the magic that it deals with.  It is essentially necromancy, but dealing with death is a part of life.  It's not that this type of magic is a bad magic, even though it states in the Bible that king Saul was reprimanded for it.  Rather, this is a magic that God would rather have control over himself.  I mean, he is the one that created us, so why should he not be the one that takes us out?  No one human should have the kind of power over another human individual, which is why murder is definitely frowned upon the Holy Bible.  Okay, but what about the powers of necromancy that don't involve someone dying.  Well, this is what this piece is all about.

Believe it or not, this piece is one of the ones that has come from the secret chamber in the Vatican where they collect-- rather hoard-- all of the magic that they can find.  They do this because they want to maintain their power and control over the masses and if people get their hands on something that might give them a little bit of power, they may not adhere to the superficial parts of what the Catholics want us to believe.  I'm not saying that all Catholics are bad, but most of the ones at the top have a wrap sheet as long as a roll of toilet paper! This piece was confiscated from the Vatican on our behalf by a connection we have on the inside, so you know the deal and there's not going to be much of back story with this piece as to how we got it.  We just did.  The powers in this piece are phenomenal because they defy the odds of death as a characteristic and allow you to break the boundaries between the worlds of the dead and the living. 

This piece summons the angel of death to act as an intermediary between the world of the living and the world of the dead.  It does not matter which world of the dead-- it could be heaven, it could be hell, in could be limbo.  It will work for you regardless.  All you have to do is wear this piece in order to use the powers.  You can use this piece during a seance, while meditating, or even while watching a show on television.  The powers are very in order and will work regardless of your circumstance.  What this piece does for you is it allows you call upon the Angel of Death's authority to summon any deceased spirit you want.  I'm talking about any deceased spirit.  You can use this piece to summon ancients for power, or maybe to summon a dead reality, or to summon scholars for their knowledge, or any saints for their white light.  I guess deceased wasn't the most accurate word to use, because this piece will also allow for the summoning of angels as well and you can use their presence for whatever purpose you had in mind.  There are really no limits on this piece, save for that fact that you can't use this power to cause demise to others.  That's not how the Angel of Death works. 

You can also use this piece on the chain that it came with, as a pendulum with a spirit board.  You can ask it questions about the future, as it is a harbinger of the future news and warnings.  For instance, you can ask it if you are going down the right path, according to what you want out of life.  You can ask it for advice.  You can really ask it whatever you want.  If it has an answer for you, which he probably will, he will answer.  If he doesn't or he's not allowed to answer, it won't.  It is just an extra way to gain knowledge of what you have to do in your life to make sure you are on the right path or to get what you want out of life!  This piece is very powerful and is made entirely out of sterling silver!  You don't want to pass it up!!