Sisters of Endor
Sisters of Endor

Sisters of Endor

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Sometimes when it comes to magic, it is better just to keep it in the family.  Such is the case with this piece.  This piece did not come from an investigation or anything like that, rather it came from an estate sale that we were passing by on our way back from an investigation in Vermont.  Vermont is a weird little place, but the people there are nice enough and they really know how to cook.  These are definitely pluses for their cause.  The investigation we were on was in one of those small towns where everybody known everybody, which is the case with most of Vermont, I would gather.  It's not exactly overpopulated. 

Either way, we were on our way through the woods, on a meandering highway that the GPS had us going down.  We were detoured off of the regular highway because of an overturned tractor trailer.  We were a little bit hesitant as to whether we wanted to take the rerouted directions or not.  Last time we did this, we were on our way back from Virginia.  The map rerouted us and we ended up somewhere in the ghettos of Washington, DC.  It wasn't a very fun experience.  We figured it would be alright up here in Vermont, though, so we decided to be adventurous.  You only live once!!

As a result of our endeavor, we were rewarded with this item. As we were traveling the meandering side highway, we saw a billboard for an estate sale a few exits up, so we thought we'd stop and check it out.  There wasn't really a whole lot there that we were interested in. A few antiques and a few pieces of sterling.  And then there was this piece.  Deedee told me that she could tell there was something special about this piece right from the beginning.  I didn't really pick up on it, but Deedee's psychic powers are stronger than mine and she said she saw the sisters as soon as she picked up the pocket mirror and looked into it.  I guess this would explain why after we paid for the piece, we got in the car and got out of there.  I guess she didn't want anyone else picking on the powers of the piece and claiming it back. 

Either way, Deedee began telling me about the piece when were safely out of sight of the sale, in fact we were back on our original route when she began to tell me about what she saw.  She said she picked up the mirror and at first it was just a mirror.  However, after gazing into it for a few minutes, she said she saw two women staring back at her.  To her surprise, the two women that she saw in the mirror were the same two that are on the outside of the mirror, only they looked younger and more dazzling.  It's as if when she saw them in the mirror they were in their prime.  They hadn't aged at all. 

We immediately began working with the piece and after a brief period of time, we were able to determine that this piece was actually even more powerful than originally thought.  It's one thing to have a haunted item, but when the entities that are haunting the item, give you powers?  That's when we know we've hit the jackpot.  I mean, it didn't take long for us to figure out the the spirits that are attached to this piece are definitely sisters, but not of any modern time period.  This is clearly conveyed by the clothing the women are wearing on the outside of the mirror.  Even the clothing on the women doesn't tell the whole story, because they are not sisters from any time period, rather they are immortal sisters.  They are witches like the Ageless Ones, except they don't ever go through life cycles.  They live inside of the mirror.

The magic that these withes were given to them by their creator, the Witch of Endor.  You may remember the Witch of Endor from his story in the Bible when he is called upon by Saul to bring up Samuel from the grave.  This is because even in those days they knew how powerful the With of Endor and his powers were.   Listen, even the witch of Endor has his needs if you know what a I mean, and the result of him getting his rocks off was a race of magically inclined offspring, some immortal, some not.  These two are not the only two that he ever had, but they are the most powerful.  They used their powers to gain immortality.  They favored each other, and so they traveled together, living through many times and assuming many identities.   They even have the power to change their appearance if that's what they wanted to do.  You have to understand the Witch of Endor was a very powerful man, and most of his powers have been passed down to his offspring.  This means that they are very powerful as well. 

Again, how or why these women are in this piece is far and beyond me.  I think it is more or less a mortal vessel that they keep attached to Earth while they go out and about traveling the realms and such for different forms of magic.  They are constantly on the go, as they have a voracious appetite for all this magic and mystique.  When you get this mirror what you are getting is a summoning piece for these ageless sisters.  It doesn't work like a normal summoning piece, where you call a name and the come to show themselves to you.  This piece is very unique in the way that it will communicate with you. 

When you gaze into the mirror, you will see your own reflection.  Gaze at your own reflection until it starts to give way.  When your reflection is entirely gone, you will begin to notice that two ladies take shape and they bear a striking resemblance to the ones on the outside of the mirror-- that's because it's them.  They are the direct descendants of the witch of Endor, who have taken on a more Americana look to fit in with society-- well before they were channeled into this piece.  They now only exist in true spirit form, again, traveling the realms for magic.  As you gaze through the mirror, these sisters will begin to take form.  When they take form, they will show you ancient magic forms of secret witchcraft magic.  This magic comes in the form of rituals, dances, procedures, and incantation.  In addition they will share with you all the other forms of magic that they have take from many others.  They are sort of spiritual cannibals and have used their powers to eat the souls of very powerful beings that they have come across.   Thus, the powers and magic that they will show through this mirror are innumerable, because they are immortal and their source of magic is eternal.  They will show you a new power or ability every time you gaze into the mirror, taking the form of their most previous mortal forms, the ladies you see on the outside.  You can also put requests in with them, to gain particular types of knowledge, and if they don't know it, they will search for it, to bring it to you when they do. 

This piece is perfect to customize your own power scheme, especially if witchcraft is your thing.  The sisters are nameless, so to activate the power in this piece for yourself, you must name them and this is the name they will take on from here on out.  Not long after this, you will notice the powers beginning to radiate into you and this is when you will be ready to see through the mirror to encounter the Sisters of Endor!  Enjoy this piece, it is bound to bring you a multitude of magic!