Cosmic Awakening of the Inca High Priest
Cosmic Awakening of the Inca High Priest

Cosmic Awakening of the Inca High Priest

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I guess it is true what they say-- big things come in small packages.  If you want proof, this piece is all that you need.  When you look at the piece, the first thing that you will notice about it is that it is small.  However, the powers in the piece are as elaborate as the hand crafted artwork that was designed on the piece.  This is because they come from a tribe of natives call the Inca.  Like their relatives, the Mayans and the Aztecs, the Inca were very aware of their surroundings at all times and they were very spiritual.  The very basis of their religion will tell you that. 

The Inca were a very complex people, despite what they Spaniards thought of them when they showed up and began killing them off with smallpox.  It was quite a shame for such a spiritual people who never had experience with such viral diseases to be wiped out simply because the Spanish thought they wanted to conquer the world.  They showed up by the boatloads and began building, and forcing some natives to help build, missionary settlements.  They were then forced to turn to Catholicism en masse, which is also a shame given the sacredness and effectiveness of their spiritual religion.  Just like the natives up North, though and Africans, the Inca found ways to incorporate their religion into the Catholicism that was force upon them.  Thus, they were able to preserve a bit more of it than they would have had they simply abandoned their old ways altogether.  This is good, because it is from the old way that this piece draw its power. 

In today's society, religious freedom has become quite a bit more acceptable than old days, so there are some modern days Inca sons that have gone back to the old way of doing things, even going as far as speaking the native tongue and moving to the mountains where their ancestors spent used to live.  They have gone back to the old religion, embracing nature, the environment and the astral realms as their means of spirituality.  This is how we got this piece. 

This piece invokes the presence of an ancient Inca Shaman.  He is a Fourth level high priest of the Star Temple.  What this means is he is on a higher spiritual plain than everyone else.  In the Inca form of spirituality, we are all surrounded by what can best be described as a bubble of energy called the Poqpo.  You can think of this as the equivalent of an aura.   This poqpo can be filled with either two types of energy.  There is a heavy energy called hoocha, or a light energy called sami.  The more hoocha energy inside of a persons poqpo, the more grounded and unaware they are.  Thus, it is the goal of all people to gain 100% Sami energy in their poqpo, because that is when you will ascend to the top level of existence, or become a level 4 priest.  This means that you are in full sync with the world and the universe.  The universe will hear all of your thoughts and you are in full control of your own destiny, able to control all of your outcomes. 

In order to fill your energy bubble with full light energy, you must master a power called ayniAyni can best be chocked up to be the equivalent of karma.  For all good deeds you do, you trade some of your hoocha energy for sami energy.  Thus, the whole what goes around comes around proverb is true.  The better your life becomes, the more light energy you have acquired.  Once you have entered into a state of existence where they only thing that comes back to you is full light power, then you have reached the highest level of enlightenment.  Your third eye will be open and the you will gain the powers of the three levels of the cosmos.  Again, this allows you to control your own destiny, to manipulate the power of the cosmos in order to gain anything that you want out of life.  For instance, maybe you want a promotion at your job, or you want to be a powerful magician, or even if you want to be a shaman with a connection to the heavens that can spread this white light energy to others; you can do whatever you want.  This piece allows you to astral travel to find the energies necessary to bring back to your life to manipulate your destiny to accommodate whatever it is you want out of life.  These energies will come from the three levels of the cosmos, which you will understand after your enlightenment, and can bring spiritual wealth, material wealth, love, protection, healing, astral travel, spiritual communication, etc.  You will also be able to use these powers to better the life of those around you by performing cleansing sessions, in which you will cleanse them and then fill them with whatever energy they ask you for.  This is definitely a one time opportunity that you probably shouldn't pass up.  I have one of these and it's first come- first served!