For the Love of Laveau
For the Love of Laveau
For the Love of Laveau
For the Love of Laveau

For the Love of Laveau

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We have been waiting for the perfect time to list this piece to the website.  Now, that the sale is here, I don't see any perfect time than now.  Going into this piece, I just want to say that it is awfully funny the way life works out sometimes.  I'm a firm believer in the whole cliche that everything happens for a reason.  You can call me yuppie if you want, but I know that at the center of existence there is a force that guides us along the path that is our destiny.  Personally, I call this God.  Other people call it other things, but you have to understand this centrifugal force is so elaborate and so immense that I guess there can be more than one way of interpreting it.  That is why we offer pieces from across various spectra of power and existence. 

Now, you know that we have been to New Orleans a bunch of times, both for the purposes of doing transformations and doing investigations.  We have offered a lot of very powerful pieces as a result of these investigations, but this piece is actually one that found us.  On our most previous trip to New Orleans, we decided it would be worth the while for a drive.  Road trips are always exciting and they give us the chance to get out and experience life a little bit.  Truth be told, the fact that we prefer driving over flying if we can is because there are tons of little road side oddities and antique markets, and estate sales that we would never known about otherwise.  In fact, there have been some very cool places that we have seen and been to that I couldn't get to again if my life actually depended on it.  A lot of the pieces that we offer actually come from the fact that we found them while out traveling to get to an investigation or to do a transformation.  This is why we often times opt to drive over flying.

This is piece is one of those types of pieces that I just mentioned to you.  In all honesty, we didn't the piece, the piece found us.  Well, actually we first found catfish, then the piece found us.  We found the catfish as this all you can eat buffet place.  You know Deedee and I are foodies, so it should come as no surprise we love our food.  We were staying in a small town off the highway.  I couldn't remember what the place was called if I tried.  I know it was somewhere around mid state Mississippi.  Deedee was tired and it was getting late anyhow, so we pulled off the road and booked a room at this motel, which we found out later was more like the chill spot for people that we call the ghettos.  There was even a hooker standing under the porch where we were lodging.  She must have gotten in and out of like 20 cars that night, so I'm gathering that her pimp was happy. 

Either way, we found this buffet across the street.  It had the best food that you could possibly imagine and they had the best fried catfish that I have ever eaten in the entirety of my life on Earth!  Their iced tea was fresh and brewed perfectly.  Deedee called the waitress over so she could compliment her on the establishment's food.  It turned out the girl who was waiting on was actually the owners wife.  This prompted a very in depth conversation about food and we left fully satisfied.  Deedee loved the food so much that we stayed another night, watched the Romney debates, screamed at the television, and then went to eat at the same place the following day.  It was pretty much the same routine, except this time Deedee told them what we were traveling for.  The man, who was the owner, looked at her all seriously and gestured for us to come back to a room beside the owners office. 

You know they say never judge a book by its cover.  Judging by the way the man was dressed I never would have thought that he had a side to him that, according to what he says, nobody really knows about.  Aside from being a successful business owner, he is also the leader of a Voodoo meet up that they had locally in the area in which we were staying.  He said that he would love for us to attend, but to his disappointment we had to get back on the road or we were not going to be in New Orleans in enough time.  To this he gave us this item, the heart shaped locket necklace that is pictured for this listing.  Deedee told him no at first, but he insisted that we have it.  The charm of his southern draw was nearly impossible to argue with, so Deedee agreed to take the item.

We had no idea, at first, that this item was actually charmed.  We thought it was merely given to us a token of good will.  That notion soon came to an end when later that night, Deedee began to feel the powers radiating from the item. I'm not sure why, but sometimes it seems like her psychic abilities strengthen at night time and the power in this piece is very subtle, but super strong.  This is why she picked up on it only after having it in her possession for a little while.  After several tests with the piece we were able to determine that the piece does actually hold quite a significant amount of Voodoo powers, but takes after the nature of the man who made it.  He was a tall, black, slender man, kind of shy with his words, but very sincere in his intent.  Thus, this power goes kind of incognito with the piece, but when you are ready for it to work... oh man, will it ever work!!

This piece holds the power that Marie Laveau once used to woo her common law marriage partner Christophe Lapin.  It wasn't legal for free women of color to marry white men in those days, but she loved him anyway.  Although the history books will never tell you this, Marie had an affair with Christophe before the end of her first marriage that ended when her husband mysteriously died.  Accounts hold the Marie Laveau was furiously in love with her new husband and had as many as 15 children with him.  At first, Cristophe refused to court Marie, simply because he knew that it would cause a waive in the social caste of the times.  However, Marie wasn't having any of that, so she borrowed a love spell from Doctor John that she put into a piece that she used to secure his love.  The rest was pretty much history. 

The man that we had met at the buffet was apparently an avid fan of Marie Laveau and had called upon her spirit for the love spell that she once used herself to gain her love.  It has been touched by the hands of Marie Laveau, but the power comes from the Voodoo priest called Doctor John, whose identity is shrouded in mystery itself.  This a treasure in and of itself, but when you weigh in the fact that the powers that you are receiving are originals from Marie Laveau and Doctor John, it makes it priceless.  Just know that this piece is holds one of the most powerful love spells that we have ever found.  It is a Voodoo love spell and is the one that allowed love to overcome the diversity of the times to allow a bi-racial couple to exist together with one another in a time that this just wasn't acceptable.  But they did it thanks to the love spells-- the same one that is in this piece. 

The powers in this piece are all about the locket, which just so happens to be made out of real gold, 10k to be precise.  You must acquire a  piece of the person's physical self-- a strand of hair, a fingernail clipping, or a piece of napkin that has touch their body.  It doesn't matter what it is, just as long as it has their energy on it and it will fit inside the locket.  You could also use a photo.  Then, you place the article you've collected and place it inside of the locket.  You must wear this locket for a total of seven days.  Then the person whose stuff you placed into the locket will begin to fall under the spell.  It is a process, but slowly but surely, the person who you are crushing on will begin to gain feelings for you.  The longer you keep the item in the locket and wear it, the stronger and more passionate this piece becomes.  You can also use this piece to guide you to the love of your life, should you have no idea who that is, by simply leaving it empty and wearing it.  When it picks up that the vessel is empty, it will search the realms to bring you that one true love you have been waiting for your entire life.  One last way you can use this piece is to play match maker for others.  If somebody comes to you, you can direct these powers toward them and the person they wish to have love them.  This process works the same as if you were using it on yourself, but it will undoubtedly bring love anywhere it goes. 

It also brings with it a pallet of Voodoo spells.  I know this piece is specifically made for love, but with love comes all. I guess the guy that made the piece knew this, too.  That is why there is also a few extra Voodoo spells in this one, including health, wealth, spirit communication and a few others that you will discover when you use your piece.  I wouldn't want to take the surprise out of it, now!  If you are avid Voodoo lover like I am, then this piece is definitely the one for you!