The Wealth of Twelve

The Wealth of Twelve

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Sometimes there isn't much that needs to be said about an item.  It kind of just is what it is.  That's pretty much where this piece stands.  I will say this much, though.  If you look back through history, you will see that the number 12 appears to be a very magical number.  There are twelve apostles in the Bible and twelve foundations stone upon which the Earth was founded.  There are twelve zodiacal signs and twelve animals of the Chinese New Year.  Twelve is the perfect number of divine ratio.  The Knights Templar viewed number four as the most holy number and when multiplied by three that equals twelve.  We even count things and make things in dozens.  The point is that twelve is a very spiritual and powerful number.  That is why this piece embodies the power of twelve to bring you divine wealth powers. 

You all know that mermaids are the daughters of Poseidon, who is one of the ancient Greek deities of the sea.  The children he bears all have the same voracious appetite for wealth that he has had since the beginning of time, which is why origianlly mermaids were seen as a harbinger of bad luck.  It was believed that these creatures, much like sirens would lure you to your death if you seem them playing in the waves of your ship.  Through the years, though, it has become more and more evident that there are two types of mermaids.  One is a type that will intentionally lure you through troubled waters, so to speak, at the expense of your own wealth.  This can happen either physically or metaphorically depending on what form the mermaid who seeks your wealth takes.  For example, she could be a spirit form mermaid on land and cause you demise due to the fact that she is jealous of, and wants, your wealth. 

On the other hand, there are white light mermaids.  It seems that all powerful beings have their evil twin, but we can assure you that these mermaids came first.  They actually share their appetite for wealth with anybody who is interested.  They will act like knocker dwarves, in that they will actually lead you to wealth, allowing you to share in their passion for riches.  This is the kind of mermaids that have been summoned into this piece.  To add an extra dose of healthy wealth power to it, there have been twelve of these mermaids added to this piece.  This means that when combines their powers will be that much stronger.  They will work together to search all realms in their spiritual form, to bring wealth back to you and drop it at your feet.  Through these powers, you will begin to notice that things in your life will change.  It will begin in small doses, where you will catch small windfalls, but it will gradually pick up as the powers in this piece begin to operate in full swing.  It will not be long before you notice that your life is going change for the better and for the wealthy.

The piece is made of seashells to symbolize the powers of white light wealth mermaids.  They have been wire wrapped and made into this beaitufully hand-crasfted necklace.  Enjoy the extreme wealth that this piece brings you!