Crypto-Jews and the Staff of Moses
Crypto-Jews and the Staff of Moses

Crypto-Jews and the Staff of Moses

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The Jewish people have suffered enough, haven't they?  Maybe it is all part of the plan that God has set forth for them.  I guess they are being punished for killing Jesus, but I find that to be kind of ironic taking into consideration the fact that the Romans are the ones that signed the death sentence.  I suppose you could say that it was the Jews that led him into the hands of the Romans, who then crucified him.  If you want to get technical, though, it was Jesus' own disciple that turned him out to the hands of the Jews, so technically weren't the Jews just an intermediary?  I don't know, but there are those that hate the Jews so much that they have tried time and time again to persecute them.  The Pharaohs did it, the Spaniards did it, the Nazis did it, the Christians and Muslims in the Middle East did it.  All in all, I'd say that the Jews are actually a pretty tough race of individuals.  It is no wonder that they have been the subject of conspiracy theories throughout time.  One of these conspiracies includes the accusation that a group of clandestine Jew actually controls the world. 

This conspiracy isn't too far from the truth.  Cabala, which is an ancient form of magic that was developed by the Jews, is some of the most powerful magic to exist on Earth.  Thus, it became the practice of very notable dignitaries to begin practicing Judaism with a twist of Cabala, in order to gain the magic that was associated within.  They became known as the Crypto-Jews, which in essence means a person of another faith who secretly adheres to Jewish tradition.  This terminology was first used during the Spanish Inquisition, in which Jews were forced to profess the Catholic faith.  Secretly, they'd keep to the traditions of their ancestry and of Jewish faith and a lot of times this included the ancient art of Cabala and all of the magic that was given to them in their pact with God, through Abraham, the father of religion. 

Present day, the term Crypto-Jew has been used to collectively refer to those people in power and control who claim to have no connection to Jewish roots at all.  Maybe they really don't have these connections and they just adhere to Jewish principals.  Either way, they would never confess their ties to the religion at.  I mean, this could be for better or for worse.  After all, they are merely exploiting the Jewish beliefs for the magic that is involved.  In fact, these Crypto-Jews get together once in a while to have meetings of power, not unlike the Illuminati or the Bilderberg Group.  In fact, some of them are members of all three.  They compare magic and swap magical items, and announce their plans on the magic that is currently being developed-- all to be used to maintain their position of power and authority over others.  The piece that is being offered is one that was taken from one of these highly secret conventions.  If you thought the Bilderbergers were private the Crypto-Jews are even worse!  They don't even let anyone know where this meeting is be held and their identities eventually end up slipping through the fingers of knowledge like grains of sand... kind of like the group Anonymous. 

The piece that was taken from the congregation of Cabala Crypto-Jews holds a direct correspondence to the Staff of Moses, which has been held by them for many years.  You would think something like this would belong to the Vatican, but it doesn't.  It has been well hidden, even more so than the identities of this clandestine group.  The piece is designed to look like something anybody could wear, but again, this is because the less people know, the better.  Well, at least from their vantage point.  Even so, you can make out a staff in this pin.  You can also make out a perpendicular bar that holds three crystal looking gems.  These are representative of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.  While the true Jews may not believe that Jesus was the savior, this piece still acknowledges him and the full faculty of his powers. 

When you wear this piece you will gain the white light powers of Moses.  By this I mean all of his powers that were ever given to him, by God.  It gives your body a complete genetic makeover and you will find yourself on the receiving end of this blast of white light influence.  This will allow you to perform the miracles that Moses performed.  It will allow you to gain psychic communication, like Moses used when he was talking to a burning bush.  This will allow you to peer into the Heavens and to behold all its splendor and multitude of power and abilities, just like Moses did when he went up to Mt Sinai to receive the Law.  This will allow you to source your own things into existence, such as powers and entities, just like when Moses struck the rock and water came gushing out for the thirsty Israelites.  It will allow for a direct communication directly with God, to hear his knowledge and to know his presence, just like Moses did.  It really is a very eye-opening and transformational piece!  Just remember, it is God we are talking about and with Him all things are possible.  You merely have to ask!