Area 51 Solar Mind Discs

Area 51 Solar Mind Discs

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There's not a whole lot that is known about exactly what happened in Roswell, New Mexico other than the fact that some sort of alien phenomenon took place there in the 1940s.  The government has whole-heartedly denied the fact that any such goings-on have occurred and even until this day will deny it.  However, there has been significant evidence to prove otherwise and the government even went to the extreme of burning transcribed testimonies and other high profile documents that dealt directly with the case.  If there is nothing to hide, then why all the secrecy.  According to the feds, the confusion was caused by a weather balloon that stopped working and crashed to the ground.  Even if I didn't have this item, which will tell you otherwise, I'd still call shenanigans on this one.  The fact that the government has actually consistently been covered up by people who work for the government, due to the fact that they don't want to spread panic and they don't want to have to outline the numerous powers and technologies that they have bartered for with these extraterrestrials.  You can look it up yourself.  A large portion of our tax dollars go into developing extraterrestrial and inter-spatial communication, so then tell me what the question is.  If there's nothing out there, then what's the point.  It's because there is something out there and to find the answers you don't have to look any further than our own back yard. 

The answers lie in the confines of the government stronghold known as Area 51.  Area 51 has long been known to be one of the most mysterious places owned by the government and the operations thereof were not release until 2005.  Even then, the government denies any claims that the place has been used for anything other than the development and testing of aircraft and weapons for the United State Airforce.  This doesn't readily explain, then, why the research that goes on in the facility remains top secret and sensitive compartmented information.  A probe into the sole purpose of Area 51 has led us on a large scale search and seizure mission-- that is, we wanted to bring back any items of power that we found in the place.  We have offered items from Area 51 and continue to do so as long as we keep finding them. We have several connections within the confines of this top-secret location and until they stop finding items of interest for us, we will continue to offer them.  We all know that the government lies, but what most people don't know is the extent to which they go to cover up whatever they possibly can.  Any leak of information might mean actual freedom for the American people-- freedom to the truth and freedom of knowledge.  Based on the fact that most Americans have been indoctrinated with the assumption that they already live in freedom, I'd say that government has so far fulfilled it's plan to brainwash the American citizens.  I am one of those citizens.

This piece has come directly from Area 51.  It is called a solar mind disc in a few minutes you will understand why.  The gem that has been used to make this piece was once directly attached to the area of an extraterrestrials forehead.  I know this is an absurd comparison, but you can kind of think it being part of the aliens body, like a treasure troll has a gem for a belly button.  It was part of the ETs body until it was dug out, after dying alien bodies were recovered from the crash in Roswell.  According to our source, the aliens were brought back to Area 51, where they cryogenic ally frozen to preserve the little bit of life that they had left in them.  All power and knowledge was stripped from these bodies and used for various purposes.  What the officials didn't know at the time was that these alien bodies were self-healing and that they would have become 100% better, save for the fact that they were now frozen and devoid of any of the life they had in them.  In fact, it almost started an intergalactic war.  Luckily for us, Dwight Eisenhower met with the ETs on three separate occasions to ease tensions.  The aliens now walk among us in normal human looking bodies, as part of an agreement that gave them these privileges. 

The gem that used to be intact on an alien body is an intergalactic communication piece.  It has been sent into a sterling silver pendant, which makes this piece that much more valuable, because the properties of sterling enhance the metaphysical powers in the piece.  I'm not sure what galaxy or planet the gem comes from, but what I will tell you is that it is extremely powerful.  All living beings, whether foreign to Earth or domestic have a series of power points in their bodies.  On Earth we call these energies Chakras.  Each Chakra serves a different purpose in conjunction with the cosmic life force that flow through all living things in existence.  The purpose of the third eye has always been to pick up on different types of metaphysical senses; the ones that cannot always be explained.  This particular piece opens your third eye for the purpose of intergalactic communication and the receive of the powers and energies that are being transmitted through space along positively charged frequencies and ley lines, which are the veins of the universe. 

This piece is a pendant and any chain or type of chord will do, as long as you are wearing it.  To use the powers in this piece, you must place it to your forehead, in the vicinity of where your third eye is.  You mush leave it there until you begin to feel powers flow freely through your body.  You should meditate with the piece, as this will give you complete relaxation and focus on the powers at hand.  Once the powers begin to attach themselves to you, you will know it because you will be able to project your sight and mind into space with your third eye.  This will allow you to see through space to encounter all forms of existence, not just our own.  You will be able too   Most aliens have this piece or one similar to, which also allows them to communicate with any form of extraterrestrial life form that is in existence and has this ability. I'm sure there are life forms out there lower than we are, but I assure you, we are on the lower end of that totem pool.  You know, I wish I could tell you what all powers and abilities (other than the one I told you this piece already does).  The power pretty much lies in the fact that you can use this piece to see into all forms of existence across the galaxy.  From there, you will be able to pick up power and abilities from whatever place you happen to be looking into, because this piece will replicate anything that you see, if you tell it to.  It also allows psychically communicate with these beings who, for the most part, are docile and eager to share the powers and magic that they have; so it should be hard to be able to discover and maintain an entire pantry-list full of unique and electrifying powers from across worlds we didn't even know existed!