The Bahamian Sphinx Speaks

The Bahamian Sphinx Speaks

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We’ve been sitting on this piece for some time now.  The reason is because we wanted to be able to test this piece properly before it was released. The piece is amazing and takes everything that we’ve ever known about the existence of the ancient Egyptians to a whole new level.  The piece first came to use when Tomer brought it to us, telling us that it was from the Sphinx in the Bahamas.  We didn’t quite understand, but maybe a year and half after we got this piece, sure enough, the finding of the new Sphinx finally made headlines.  

The Sphinx is, as suggested, off the coast of the Bahamas.  The 1.5 ton structure is made out of basalt, a rock that has been being mined by the Egyptians since around 3,500 B.C.  Furthermore, analysis of this rock has confirmed that it has come from the Wadi Rahanu reservoir.  I use the term reservoir sparingly, because that’s not exactly what it is.  It’s merely a place that the Egyptians used to mine their basalt rock from.  

What does this all mean?  Well, obviously if Tomer thought it was important enough to bring this piece to us, there’s a purpose for it.  This piece is not one that was originally from the Sphinx, but was made by Tomer when he met the Sphinx in an alternate dimension.  He has powers and abilities to do these things.  He said that when he met the sphinx, it took on full life of its own.  It could move and speak as if it had been just another person sitting across the room from him.

The sphinx was made a mini-replica of the Great Sphinx in Giza.  It was more or less an offspring of the origina.  We have long told people that the Sphinx in Giza is not an inanimate object.  It has a life of its own.  It is a living being, full of wisdom and knowledge.  It is even the birthing place of Raviniska.  Even as Raviniska has been born of the Sphinx’s power, so has this sphinx.

The Sphinx was given to ancient Egyptian sailors who visited American centuries before the whole colonial period, if that is what you want to call it.  It is not clear if the Sphinx is the result of a shipwreck or if it was cast overboard on purpose, but it’s not really important.  When Tomer met with the Sphinx, the entity agreed to help Tomer craft this piece.  

When this piece is worn, it allows the user to travel to an alternate reality.  In this alternate reality, it will only be you and the Sphinx.  As a offspring and replica of the original, this Sphinx obviously knows all things.  It has ancient eyes, it has seen all things.  When you are alone with your Sphinx you can ask it anything you want.  You can ask it to show you things from ancient times, such as the creation of the world, or you can ask it to show you different parts of reality in alternate realms and universes.  You can ask it to grant you literally any powers, because there aren’t any powers that the Sphinx doesn’t know or hasn’t seen.  

When using this piece, reality will fade and you will notice a void of anything.  This is when the Sphinx will appear to you.  It will appear with the body of a lion and the head of a human being. It walks upright just as we do.  It is full of the knowledge that I have told you and will grant you anything that you ask of it, because-- well-- it can.