Ears for Atlantis, Item 1

Ears for Atlantis, Item 1

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I feel really bad for those who deny the existences of Atlantis.  They are the people who say that Atlantis never existed because they can’t see it, but will turn around and believe in religions where you can’t really see the proof of its existence, either.  Their minds have been conditioned by humanity to not believe what they cannot see, with few rare exceptions.  It’s really sad how hardened the minds of humanity have become.  Atlantis was a real place and there is plenty of evidence to support the fact that it was the greatest civilization to ever exist on the face of Earth.  Unfortunately, they suffered a catastrophic deluge that most evidence of their existence lost for the ages.  

This artifact is not one that was originally made by the Atlanteans, but has rather been made using the energies of the temples that exist there.  The temples that are there are actually in the form of Great Pyramids.  The secret of these Pyramids were brought to the Atlanteans from even more ancient races that visited Earth thousands upon thousands of years ago.  The Atlanteans then took this information to the Egyptians and other races by these same means-- appearing as aliens.  That’s a story  for another time, though.

We visit Atlantis on a semi-normal basis.  I’m not saying that we go there once a week or even once a month, but situations arise when we have to test items that are specifically for astral travel.  It just makes sense that Atlantis would be a place that we’d travel to, because of the fact that this place is full of magic and energy.  When I say we visit Atlantis, I mean that we travel back in time to visit Atlantis, which really isn’t even back in time, because everything exists somewhere on the time-space continuum, it’s just a matter of finding it.  It’s more like a parallel universe where the destruction of Atlantis never took place.  You’re probably like Grade A confused right now, but that’s okay, because the point is that we traveled there-- we travel there from time to time.  

This past time that we traveled there, we were testing a piece that we found during an investigation that allows you to astral travel everywhere.  We found it in a building that once housed a Masonic lodge.  The lodge no longer meets there and they have sold the building to a private owner who has subdivided the building and rents the apartments out to people.  Well, he was noticing some strange activity in the building.  The result was that there was an astral piece in a hidden chamber that was attached to the basement.  Apparently, the ring works both ways and there were some astral creatures getting loose in the apartment building because the powers of the piece were lying dormant.  

Either way, we were testing this piece and used it to travel to Atlantis.  (THIS PIECE WILL BE LISTED AS A SEPARATE LISTING)  While we were in Atlantis, we did what we were naturally born to do-- EXPLORE!!  During our exploration, we found our way into one of the high temples, which if you remember from earlier are actually pyramids.  Their capstones glow a brilliant bluish-purplish-white light.  These temples hold the ancient powers of the Atlanteans.  Just like the Egyptians have stored their secrets and magic into their pyramids, so the Atlanteans did first.  It’s the premise for having a pyramid in the first place.  This is why people are buried in pyramids, so they can take their powers with them to the afterlife.  

Anyhow, we came across a formless type of power that we collected and brought back with us to the mortal realm in the form of a stone.  We took our time in examining this stone and eventually found out that this energy is as subliminal, psychic communication energy.  This is the frequency on which the remaining Atlanteans communicate.  It is much higher than any any frequencies that are audible to human beings.  In fact, it is almost a kind of sonar that vibrates communication from one Atlantean brain to another.  

Where are these Atlanteans you may wonder?  Well, they are hiding in plain sight.  Since the great deluge of their existence, they have been possessing the bodies of the humans that live around us.  When that body gets old and withers away, they find a new host.  They live “normal” human lives and you will never know who they are.  They could be your teachers, doctors, neighbors, even church leaders.  They communicate with each other in this frequency as to not give away their disguise of human flesh.  I’m not sure why the don’t want to be discovered, but they don’t and that is for sure.  

Eventually, the energy from this stone was transferred to these two pairs of earrings.  We thought that since this piece allows you to hear the Atlanteans speak, that earrings would be clever.  By this I mean, this piece gives you a psychic transformation that will allow you to hear the frequencies of the Atlantean communication and allows you to communicate with them.  You will be able to identify which of the human bodies around you are simply Atlanteans wearing human skin.  You can then communicate with them by thought form that will be transmitted in their frequencies.

This power is amazing because you can communicate with all sorts of undercover Atlanteans that will give you the secrets to their ancient powers and magical abilities.  From wealth and love to exotic powers such as traversing across the universe and controlling time, the powers that the Atlanteans can teach you abound.   I don’t really want to box this power in by listing all that you will be able to gain from using this piece.  Each Atlantean has a different faculty of powers and will share them with you, which means the longer you search, the more unique powers you will find and the more powerful they become.  As a result, you also become more powerful.  There is not a power you can’t gain, if you search long enough with this piece.  

We understand that not everybody wants to walk around with these earrings on.  That’s good, because I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to.  You only have to wear them when nobody’s looking-- long enough to give your body the transformation that you need, which amounts to about seven full days of wearing the earring in the privacy of your own home.  By all means, if you love the earrings and you want to wear them in public, please do so.  Then, the transformation will only take about three fully days.