Their Blood Cried Out With Magic

Their Blood Cried Out With Magic

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The Tuatha De Danaan studied occult lore and sorcery in the Northern Islands.  They were the entities that would go on to become the fairies and elves and dwarves and all other magical creatures that have been heard about since the beginning of times.  The learned their magic from four ancient wizards who were born of the groves where the Sacred 13 Trees of Knowledge live.  These wizards names are Morfesa of Falias, Esras of Gorias, Uiscias of Findias, and Semias of Murias.  These wizards know all possible powers, because all powers are recorded by the Sacred 13 Trees.  

When the Tuatha De Danann returned, men-- even sages and magicians-- saw how powerful they had become and became jealous.  They plotted agaisted the Tuatha De Danann and there was a great powerful struggle.  Many from both sides were killed in the battles that ensued.  Weeping for the loss of lives, the four ancient wizards gathered the earth upon which blood had been shed.  Out of this earth and blood, they created an immortal entity who would be the most powerful sorcerer to ever exist.  He exists even to this day, but lives in secrecy among the shadows.  He knows the tragedy that can come from over exposure of the vast amount of magic he has.  The blood that he was created with cries out to him.  

His magic is given to humanity through a series of anonymous pieces that he has developed.  This is what we are offering.  This piece was created by the hands of the most powerful celtic sorcerer to ever exist.  It is a Celtic Fairy Birthing pendant and it 100% completely white light.  Fairies are the most white light entities to exist among the Tuatha de Denann.  They govern all white magic and cast any white spell.  What does this mean for you?

With this pendant, you will gain the ability to birth an unlimited amount of white light fairies.  The catch is that you will be birthing them from white light and the will only exist in spirit form. Upon birthing them, you must give them a proper name.  When naming these fairies, you will be able to give to them one power and one power only.  This is okay though, because you can birth an unlimited amount of them.  You can then summon these fairies to use their power.  You can give your collection of fairies any power that you want to-- but keep in mind they will only do white light abilities.  

Some examples of abilities that you can give them follow, but are certainly NOT the only thing that they can be used for:

Gaining Wealth

Finding True Love

Transforming into a Heaven Hound

Bringing Good Luck


Psychic Transformation

Summoning Angels