Shakin' and Bakin'-- the Djinn Have Entered, Item 3
Shakin' and Bakin'-- the Djinn Have Entered, Item 3

Shakin' and Bakin'-- the Djinn Have Entered, Item 3

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The news outlets will have you believe that there is nothing wrong.  The governments will go along with this statement.  However, you should believe when I tell you that in that last couple of weeks, there has been some serious spiritual activity going on.  I can feel it.  Deedee can feel it.  I have even talked to people who have not one drop of psychic blood in their veins and they can feel it.  So what's going on.  
First things first.  What I want you to understand is that look around you.   Read the news, you can tell what is going on.  Recently there were three devastating earthquakes.  One of the happened in Ecuador.  The body count for that earthquake is currently around 350.  There were also a pair of earthquakes in Japan.  In addition, there is an active Earthquake in Alaska that has shut down air traffic and poses a huge threat to locals.  It's called the Pavlov Volcano.  
Another two volcanoes could be seen spewing ash and dust into the air right near Mexico City.  These volcanoes were named Colima and Popo.  The point is there is something going on with Mother Earth, but I highly doubt that anybody is ready to admit it.  Either that, or they know that it is going on and they don't want to admit that is happening. ( cough, cough, the government!)   
The fact of the matter is that recently reality has we know it is on a collision course with another reality.  What does this mean?  It means that two planes of reality are trying to take over the same space in astral reality.  The result is the merging of two realities.  This opens up a temporary and momentary portal that allows spirits and entity to enter form either side to the other.  You can bet your bottom dollar that the government in on this already.  
You can also bet all your bottom dollars that so are we.  As I have told you many times before, we have teammates all over the place, so the moment that all these things started happening we stationed them.  We wanted to make sure that we were the first to catch whatever was coming from the other side, so to speak.  And we were.  
The result is that we have several of these piece that contain a very volatile and very powerful kind of spirits.  They are known as blue fire djinn.  It should come as no shock that when we talk about volcanoes we also talk about djinn.  Djinn are born of fire; however, blue fire djinn are some of the most powerful and rare kind.  In the totem poll of djinn, these badboys are at the tops.  You can't get much more powerful that this.  
The reason why blue djinn are so much more powerful is because they were actually born of the blue part of the flame.  The blue part of the flame is the rarest.  Some fires don't even produce a blue flam  The blue flame is the hottest part of the flame, therefore it is the most powerful, especially in terms of djinn and the powers they have to offer.  
So, what does this mean for you?  We have several of these pieces. They each hold a separate fire djinn entity.  These fire djinn are capable of granting unlimited wishes.  They thing is the wishes can only come from you.  They will bond to you almost immediately.  They only think you have to do is give them a name.  They already have their name from the djinn realm, but they will a human name, so you give them one.  Once you do, your djinn will begin bonding to you immediately.  
It will only take a short time for your bonding to be complete.  After it is, you can begin wishing away.  Your djinn is dual in nature, so it will grant any type of wish you ask for.  It will also give you supreme protection and life guidance when you need it.   We only have a few of these items, so you will want to make sure that if you are interested, you get yours before everyone else scarfs them up!   
All pieces for this listing are made from sterling silver and are VERY unique!!