Huldra-- Getting Laid and Paid, Getting Spanked and Making Bank

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I'm really excited about this piece, because it embodies two things that all human met desire-- sex and money.  I mean, when you think about it, who doesn't want these two attributes?  How better to get them than by a means that has no strings attached and is purely a magical exchange?  Once again, we have been able to hit the nail on the head with one of our items.  This piece is every man's (or woman's) dream come true.  Spiritually attached to this piece is an entity that is known by many as the huldra. 
The huldra is a sex spirit that goes by many other names including Tallemaja, which means Mary in the Tree.  I think that this is pretty accurate when describing what the spirit looks like.  She is essentially a tree nymph so when she comes to you, she will appear almost like  a human-tree hybrid.  She will have a long slender face with long flowing hair that look like her foliage.  However, after she meets you for the first time, she will be able to fully read your innermost desires.  She will take the form of you most coveted sexual partner whether that's someone on television or the barista at the coffee shop.  
In true huldra fashion, this huldra is going to seduce you.  Now, if this was out in the wild either one of two things would happen.  She'd seduce you and you two would do your thing.  Assuming you satisfied the huldra's immense sexual need.  She would bless you with gifts.  Had you not satisfied her, she would kill you.  Seems pretty femme fatale if you ask me.  No worries, I can assure you that she is not going to be killing anybody-- at least not the one that is attached to our piece.  
Rather, she rewards you with wealth powers when you use your piece to satisfy her.  The piece will call her forth, she will seduce you, and you two will go at it.  There will be spanking and scratching and nibbling and slow sensuality, everything you have expected from a good sexual session.  Then, the wealth will begin to pour in.  The more you use your piece, the more thehuldra will reward you.  Every time you have an a romp with your spirit, your wealth powers will become stronger and stronger.  Wealth will pour in from all direction, as this is the gift the huldrais giving you for satisfying her itch.  
So, what it boils down to, is if you are in need of getting laid and getting paid, then this is the piece for you!!