Customized Wealth-- Palatine Light
Customized Wealth-- Palatine Light

Customized Wealth-- Palatine Light

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This piece was made by an investigation that Deedee was on.  Well, honestly, it wasn't supposed to be an investigation.  She just wanted to get away for a bit and relax.  However it turned into a very impromptu investigation when she encounter what the locals call the Palatine light.  The palatine light is  a phantom ship that can be seen off the coast of Block Island, in Rhode Island.  The phantom ship gives of a resilient light that some locals believe  were a harbinger of bad weather or harsh weather conditions.  

However, after her latest trip to Block Island, the item that Deedee brought back with her can assure you that the light has nothing at all do with forewarning bad weather.  Actually, the light is a totally different type of harbinger altogether.  Deedee is the typ eof person whose curiosity is always getting the better of her-- for better or worse.  She's like a giant cat.  Either way, when she experienced the lights, she wanted to know more.   
She hired a local to sail her out to where the lights were happening, and when she got there she was able to capture some of the rays in an empty vessel that she had taken with her.  She said the energy that she could feel at this place was immense, so she knew that capturing the beams of light would be beneficial.  After all, light rays are one of the ways that the universe sends magic into Earth.  It seems that this ray of light, however, was one that was created when a ship went down after being attacked by pirates.  It was a civilian ship, traveling only passengers and their cargo.  Well, so the story goes.  
The true story is that the pirates that captured the ship stole the treasure that was secretly aboard the ships, but the history books have no way of knowing that, because it was never logged.  The ship was carrying treasure that was to be sent to the royalty in England to appease them for whatever reason.  Therefore, you know it was a ton of treasure-- an amount that would put even the wealthiest to shame.  
The light, called that Palantine Light, serves as a beacon of justice for those who could learn how to embrace it.  For years folks thought that once all of the family members of the deceased  were gone, the light would go to.  I can tell you that form using this piece, that the only way this light will go is once it has collected the amount of treasure that has been stolen by the pirates.  It seeks retribution for the treasure that stolen.  
So far, nobody has been able to full realize that this is what the Palatine light is all about.  Therefore, the light still shines bright.  That is okay, because Deedee was able to figure it out the scoop on the light after testing this piece; So have the rest of us that tested this piece.  This piece is going to bring you wealth power that is going to create wealth for you from thin air.  It is going to do this to bring back the treasures-- at least the amount of wealth-- that was once taken by the pirates before they ruthlessly burend and killed everyone aboard the ship. 
Either way, when you get this item, you will begin to experience great wealth.  Listen, I was testing the last time I was in Atlantic City at the casino.  This is how powerful this piece is.  I was literally in the casino for 4 1/2 minutes.  About five pulls of a lever.  I walked out with 6.5 times than what I walked in with.  Yes, after being there less than 5 minutes.  It is an unusually strong energy in this piece.  When using this piece, you don't necessarily have to gamble for this piece to work.  It will conform to whatever your life entails.  It will bring whatever wealth energy is necessary to your life.  It literally customizes its powers to meet the demands of wealth in your life-- in whatever terms fit in with your lifestyle.  Whatever the case may be, you will be soon enjoying wealth beyond anything your dreams could have ever fathomed!! Don't miss out!  
This ring is a silver band with an opal.