Vampyrum Mayu

Vampyrum Mayu

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There is a reason that the Mayan people and the ancient Indians of Central America were so fearsome of death.  Their civilization inhabited a land that was full of magic and openings to the Middle Earth.  Thus, there are a lot of strange entities, especially from the Underworld that walked among them and lurked in shadows.  Some of these entities were amicable, but some were wanted nothing more than to gnaw on their flesh and drink their blood.  

Then, there were entities such as the Camazotz, who is an ancient vampire entity who was sent to mankind to be a sort of regulator.  Not quite human, not quite god, but very godlike, the Camazotz came to the Mayan people to warn of demise.  This ancient vampire entity can be thought of a sort of like an angel of death type entity.  

Centuries before the Mayans showed up in Central America, there was an older, impious race of people.  They did not venerate the powers and energies of the Earth, so the gods gave these people to the Camazotz, to drink their blood.  Through this blood, the Camazotz gained many powers and it strengthened his ability and powers.  He has all the powers that you would normally associate with a vampire, but is 10x more powerful than most.  

The blood that he drank gave the Camazotz all of the powers of those whose blood he drank.  This lends him pretty much an unparalleled source of power.  From mind control to mesmerization, time walking, astral walking, the ability to descend into Middle Earth, the ability to change into any form that he desires, superhuman strength, superhuman agility, the ability read the minds of others, immortality, full psychic powers, the powers to use the energies around him to create an power he wants, etc.  

What this piece does for you is summons the presence of this vampire, Camazotz.  The power was placed into the piece during a trip to Texas, where we encountered a Mayan witch who put the power in this piece for us.  The reason we chose this piece to do this with is because the sugar skull is a celebration of death and so is the Camazotz, for without death, he wouldn’t be nearly as powerful.  

This piece summons the presence of the Camazotz in spiritual form.  He will share your body with you, giving you all of his knowledge, whereby you will gain all of abilities, which include, but are not limited to the powers described above!!