A Djinn Called Abundance

A Djinn Called Abundance

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This piece holds a very ancient entity.  In the times before the creation of the world, there was fierce battle in Heaven between good and evil.  You most likely know this already.  The result was that Satan and his angels were cast into the Lake of Fire.  His angels became demons.  These demons guarded the virtues of the unholy which are the Seven Deadly Sins.  These Seven Deadly Sins are made as to opposed the seven virtues that holy people adhere to.  

Now is a good time to inform you that there are many, many different kinds of djinn.  There are Grine Djinn, for instance which are the kind of djinn who are simply born because a human was born.  There is one of them born for each human that exists.  There are white light djinn.  Then, unfortunately, there are ark djinn who are also referred to as demons.  Just so we’re on the same page, not all djinn are demons-- however, the djinn that lives in this piece was once also a demon.  

The djinn who lives in this piece is called abundance, however he was not always called as such.  When Satan was cast into the Lake of Fire, he made seven of his most powerful angels in charge of the counteractive Seven Deadly Sins, to stir dissent among the humans.  He called them the Seven Djinn and he lifted them up as the most powerful demons to exist in all of Hell.  

The djinn called Greed was just that-- the embodiment of greed.  He traveled the world giving greed and covetousness human hearts.  He is also the entity that was placed into this piece.  However, before he was placed into this piece there was a transformation of white light that was placed upon the djinn called greed.  This white light transformation negated his evil qualities, transforming him into a white light djinn.  His new name was called Abundance.  This is because the opposite of having greed in your heart is knowing that God provides abundance for those who are faithful to His ways.  

As such, the djinn that is in this piece pours out the wealth and abundance of God.  These are totally white light powers, as this once dark djinn has been totally and wholly restored to reflect divine white light power.  This wealth is extremely powerful and will come to you in variety of ways, throughout all areas of your life.  Even when you are least expecting it, there will be wealth coming into your life.  You can use this piece to gain wealth from games of chance, in casinos, from winning court cases, from gaining inheritance, from gaining job promotions and raises.  The list and types of wealth this piece will provide goes on and on and on.  Just know that it is white light abundance, so there is no end to it.  Use this piece for as long as you deem necessary and then pass it on to the next person to share the benefits!