Cardinal Wealth Mermaid

Cardinal Wealth Mermaid

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The Earth has many treasures to offer people.  A lot of these treasures exist on dry ground; however, given that the Earth is made up of 70% water, it makes sense that the majority of these treasures do not exist on Earth, but rather they exist in the vast expanse of oceans, seas, and lakes that cover the face of the earth.  This leaves these treasures not in the hands of those mortals who live on land, but to the immortals that live deep beneath the sea, mainly those that we call mermaids.  

We have this modern perception that all mermaids are created equal, but that isn’t the case.  The half fish-half human figure that we see in modern lore is only partly correct.  Yes, this is the form that mermaids take when they are traveling in the depths of the sea.  Having said that, most mermaids also have another, metaphysical form that they use to travel Earth.  It is more of spiritual form that cannot be detected by the use of a mere human eye.  

The four entities that have been conjured into this piece are four celestial mermaids that have been created from the stars by the gods to guard the treasures of the Earth.  These mermaids live underwater, but do spend a considerable amount of time on Earth.  This is how we were able to connect with them, to put their presence into this piece.

The four mermaids that have been placed into this piece are represented by the four drops of water that come together to form the flower that is in the center of the ring.  They are the guardians of the Cardinal Directions-- North, East, South, and West.  They each live by their respective cardinal gates, which is the astral gate that each one used when entering the mortal realm.  They are very powerful mermaid spirits and, when invoked, can bring massive wealth.  

This ring invokes the spirits of all four Cardinal Mermaids.  When using this piece, you will begin to notice that wealth will make its way into your life.  In fact, it will be no secret to you or those around you that your luck will change for the better.  You will begin to notice that wealth comes to you from all directions and areas of your life.  This is because each mermaid guards a specific kind of wealth, which she is going to grant to you.  This wealth will come to you in many, many different forms, sometimes in the most unique ways.  

We have tested this piece and we were amazed with the results of what these mermaids actually brought.  It’s definitely a very powerful think outside of the box type wealth, but you will enjoy it because, who doesn’t want to be rich?