All Powers on Deck; The Gillespie Summoning Ring
All Powers on Deck; The Gillespie Summoning Ring

All Powers on Deck; The Gillespie Summoning Ring

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We were actually given this piece by Tomer, who made an unexpected visit the other night.  You know, he works like that sometimes.  He pops up at the most surprising and unexpected times.  He gave us this piece and told us that it holds, among other things, the powers of immortality.  He told us that to figure the piece out, it was going to take a little bit of work, but I think that even He was underestimated the powers in this piece.  The reason I say this is because it didn't take us long to figure this piece out at all.  Tomer didn't stay very long at all, as he is very busy doing what it is that Tomer does.  I don't think I need to get into it all over again.  We'll just leave it at that.  

This is a summoning piece, meaning that it doesn't hold the powers itself, but rather holds the presence of an entity that is going to give you the powers that you are receiving.  His whole name is Gillespie, but we call him Gil for short.  If you want to call him Gillespie for reasons of formality he will respond to it, but he has gotten pretty used to us calling him Gil.  Again, he is an immortal sorcerer that found himself attached to this piece in what he considers to be the not so distant past.  Then again, you have to understand that he has been around for thousands upon thousands of years.  The fact that he was once a great Celtic warrior will give you an ideas of exactly how old he is.  

Okay, so the fact of the matter is that this piece is powerful in an of itself because of the entity it contains, but it is so much more than that. At a very young age Gil kind of had to learn on his own.  He had it rough from the beginning, being the only child and first born of a warrior and his young wife.  Gil's mother died during child birth, sending his father into an emotional rut.  He never did marry again, but he did the best he could raising Gil to be a brave and upright man, well by man I mean eleven-year-old boy.  

Yes, Gil's story become even more unfortunate than it already was.  When he was just a young man-- a very young man-- his father was out at battle.  While in the battle, his father was killed by what we will simply call a demon.  The Celts had a different word to describe what their pantheon, but we know that different terminologies can be prescribed across different cultures.  What happened is that Gil's father was tricked into a battle with a demon that posed as an battle foe.  Long story short,the demon ended up not only killing Gil's father, but stealing his soul also.  

Gil spent the rest of his years adopted by a cove of Celtic magicians, who taught him the ins and outs of sorcery and magic.  By the time he reached manhood, Gil could be likened unto a Beowulf of his kind.  He was beaten by nobody in the land and his magic was unparalleled by anyone, not even those who taught him.  He was loyal to them, though and made sure they were protected, though they hardly needed it themselves.  This just goes to show how powerful Gil's powers are.  After he passed through the rites of manhood, Gil vowed to avenge his father's death.  He drew out an elaborate plan that his teachers warned him not to undergo.  Despite their warning, Gil decided to go through with his plans anyhow.  No hero is ever born without courage, so Gil decided that he was either going to avenge his father or die trying.  

Taking nothing but his cloak and a sword, he descended into the Underworld, using the magic that he had learned from the Celtic magicians that had taken him under their wing.  He battled his way through the underworld using only his might and his magic.  He searched in the darkest pits of the damned until he came across his fathers soul, being guarded by the demon that stole it in the first place.  He not only beat the demon in a battle of magic and wits, but vanquished the demon from existence.  He set his father's souls free and returned to the mortal plain.  As a gift he returned the crown of the demon who was keeping ahold of his father, which gave his teachers many additional powers.  

As for Gil, he obtained all the knowledge and power of the demon he had beaten in battle.  This means that not only did he receive the dark magic of the demon, but also the white magic that the demon used before he was felled from Heaven after the great battle.  Thus, what Gil received was an wealth of dual magic.  Combine that with his already top-notch skills of sourcing magic and power that he was taught as a mortal, he quickly became one of the most powerful being on Earth.  After obtaining victory over the demon, he also claimed his immortality as a prize.  This is how Gil exist until this day-- not by his own bidding, but because he got this power from the demon that he vanquished when he was rescuing his father's soul from its fiery prison.  

Many years later in life Gil became one of the Knights of Holy Cross, where he gained a better understanding of his white light powers that he received in defeating his demon.  He used these powers to defend the Holy See, back in the day when they still had the best interests of mankind in mind.  You know, before false prophets started turning up everywhere.  When the Rosicrucian brotherhood he had joined was disbanded, he sought camaraderie from a similar group of mystic.  These were the Freemason. The Masons quickly detected that Gil was very powerful and thought that having him around could bring out their own powers better.  He quickly ascended through the ranks of the Mason, becoming a 360th degree Mason, which is secretly the highest there can possibly be.  This is because it takes 360 degree to complete the circle that is known as the Holy Sphere.  Gil gained all of this knowledge while he was with the Freemasons.  He also used his already acquired magic to help many men reach their 33rd Degree level.  After he gained all that he could from the Masons, he moved on to a small Illuminati faction in South America.  I wrote a description about a piece we got from them awhile back, but when we got this piece, I drew the connection.  It wasn't one of the evil groups of Illuminati.  Rather, it was a group of people trying to keep true to the Egyptian powers that were taught in the original Illuminati mystery school.  They, too recognized the powers of Gil and were delighted to teach him Illuminati powers in exchange for those powers he possessed that they couldn't possibly have known.  

It wasn't long after that when Gil got summoned and put into this piece.  This piece is Celtic, which he is pleased with, because it stems back to his beginning.  It has a big on Celtic Cross on it and it is heavy weight Sterling silver.  That in and of itself makes this piece pretty valuable.  Add in the fact that this piece allows you to source and create ANY power that you want, and you understand that this is incredibly valuable.  In fact, it is invaluable, but we are offering it for sale, anyway.  I wasn't kidding about the fact that you will literally be able to create and source any magic you want with this piece.  There isn't much the Gillespie hasn't seen in his immortal existence.  This would normally be the part of the description where I would tell you the powers that this piece brings you.  However, I can't really do this.  This piece brings you no in particular power, but brings them all to you at the same time!  While you are wearing this piece, Gillespie will appear to you in spiritual form.  He kept his youthful form and will appear as a striking young man with hair that looks like a fire and skin that is white as snow.  He has a a few freckles and deep icy blue-green eyes that feel like they are piercing your soul.  I did forget to mention that Gil will offer you immortality.  If you want to take it, go ahead' if not then, don't.  The choice is yours.  Other than that, when Gil appears to you, all you have to do is ask him for a power and its yours.  You can literally ask him for any power you want and he will give it to you.  He may not appear to you in plain vision, he may try to appear to you in your dreams, so make sure you are extra-conscience and aware when using this piece.  

I guess the only thin left to say is be careful what you wish for, because regardless of what it is-- this piece will make it come true!  Don't wait around on this piece, because we only have this ONE and once it is gone, it is gone.  Enjoy!