Cama-Cama Come On, Money!!  Ring 1

Cama-Cama Come On, Money!! Ring 1

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We covered a lot of heavy stuff today, so this one is a little bit lighter.  I don't say this to insinuate that this piece is any less powerful, because it is not.  In fact, it is just as powerful as any of the other wealth items that we offer.  This piece will bring you wealth.  It will roll in like a snowball down the side of a mountain.  The size of your wealth will keep accumulating and accumulating.  

The reason why is that this piece conjures the presence of an ancient dwende.  For those of you who don't know, a dwende is a Filipino entity whose appearance is that of a dwarf.  They are not just any dwarf, though.  They are wealth dwarves.  The live in little mounds of dirt in the forest, where they store their treasure.  

Should one be fortunate enough to encounter a dwende, the small creature will tell secrets of the Old World, give forewarning of troubles and misfortunes that are about to happen, and will endow your life with a great amount of wealth.  You can think of the dwende kind of like a dwarf and a leprechaun had a baby.  They are known to bring precious gifts and to bless homes.  The wealth that this creature will bring you goes beyond conventional means, to bring you the maximum amount of wealth possible from all areas of your life!  
Your dwende answers to the name cama-cama, as is a common dwende name in Filipino culture.