The Wandering Jew
The Wandering Jew

The Wandering Jew

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There is not a WHOLE lot to say about this piece.  It came to me like five years back when I was visiting a synagogue.  I visited the synagogue as part of an assignment I was completing for a religion class that I was taking for personal enrichment.  I like to learn about as many cultures as I can, that way when we go on vacation, I can better understand where the people are coming from. 

I sat in on a Jewish service, which was quite interesting.  I think probably my favorite part was when the Rabbi read from the Torah.  I love to here the Hebrew language.  I think it sounds neat.  Either way, after the service I went up the the teacher and asked if I could ask him a few questions, explaining that I was doing a project for class.  He was more than thrilled to answer my question.  
Everything else went by as normal.  However, on my way out, I kind of got a bit lost, because it was a big establishment.  I came by this room where there were artifacts.  I don't think any of them were authentic.  I think they were more or less symbolic and used for worship.  This is when I was approached by an old man.  He had a beard that almost made him look Amish.  He asked if I needed to help finding my way out and chuckled at me.  He told me that it was no surprise that if it was my first time there how I could have gotten lost. 
As we were walking, the old man reached into his pocket and pulled something out and handed it to me.  He said he wanted me to have it.  It was a bit awkward and at first I thought the spiritual charge I felt from the item was just me feeling weird about the whole exchange. Confused, I made my way back out to my car. 
When I got to my car, I realized that I hadn't thanked the old man,  and that I never got his name.  He had somehow known mine.  I now found this incredibly odd, and I wanted to thank the man anyhow.  I got out of my car and found the rabbi locking up.  I asked where the old man had gone.  He told me that he had been the only one in the building since the rest of the assembly had left.  
My curiosity got the better of me and I went home and I immediately began testing this piece.  It was no easy puzzle to put together, though.  Eventually, though through using the piece every day for a month, I was able to come to the conclusion that this piece holds the powers of an entity who is called the Wandering Jew.  
The Wandering Jew is a presence whose identity is not really known, for sure.  What is known is that the Wandering Jew is a person who mocked the Passion of the Christ and what it stood for.  It could have been Pontius Pilates' gate keeper.  Other accounts suggest it could have been tradesman that happened to be in the crown at the time.  Nobody really knows for sure. 

What is known is that this Jew who directly mocked Jesus was sentenced to walk the Earth in his mortal form until the Second Coming of Christ.  He has been given this punishment by God and as such has been touched by the Hand of God to know the truth.  In fact, the Wandering Jew was shown the secret to the End of Times before John was given them to write the Book of Revelations.  
The Wandering Jew holds all this knowledge and he wanders the world to share this knowledge to anybody who will listen.  This is the same Jew that had approached me when I was visiting the synagogue.  I wondered if he knew I was going to be there or if he was just making rounds.  Either way, he handed me this piece and it holds all his knowledge.  This piece is of pure white light, and I can assure you that Jew has changed his mind about the Crucifixion.  
This piece allows your soul to travel to Heaven in its current form, for the purposes of beholding all that God has created there.  It allows you to travel through Heaven to experience all that God has set aside for us in the afterlife.  It is truly and amazing place, where you will behold angels and saints, and the Ark of God and all the other things that you've only ever heard about in the Bible or elsewhere.  
On the other hand, this piece allows you to see into the future, to see the Second Coming and all that will lead up to it.  It will give you a very in depth knowledge of the Four Horsement, the number 666, the Seven Plagues, the Seven Trumpets, the False Prophet, the Antichrist, the beast that will rise out of the water, and so on.  This isn't just a knowledge that will come to eventually as it happens.  Oh no-- this is a power that will take you these things as if they were actually happening. 
You will be given vivid experiences and you will live out the details as if they were actually happening to you.  You will know all of these secrets because you will become part of these secrets as they happen to you.  There will be no guessing what these prophecies could possibly mean, because they are made so to the point.  Once you see them with your own eyes, you will definitely undertand what's going on and why things that were said were said.  You know how it's said you can only believe half of what you see-- well, this experience provides such conviction that there is no half-believing.  
As a side-effect you will also gain other powers, like the ability to be healed and to heal others both physically and mentally.  You gain white light psychic ability.  You gain the ability to speak with angels on a continual basic to channel their energies and powers, since white light magic is one big matrix that you can use anywhere.  These angels can be channeled at any time and can pretty much be used to manifest any power that you choose to manifest.  
This is seriously one of the most powerful items that we have listed in a long time.  You don't want to miss out on this.  Especially if white magic is your thing!!