Grandfather's Angels
Grandfather's Angels

Grandfather's Angels

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Grandfather's Angels

* Shared from a client of ours, Shae.

When I was four years old, my grandfather passed away. I called him Grandpa Bunny because of a cute little book my mother had given me. He knew he was going to die, so about a month before, he had given the whole family presents. I had received two pet rats.

The day after his small funeral, I wanted to sleep in my mother's bed. It was something I'd do every so often when I was feeling lonely or scared. Before we fell asleep, we both said a prayer for Grandpa Bunny.

At dawn, I woke up and looked up. In my mother's bedroom, windows lined the top of the wall in front of her bed. Out of the far left window, I saw a group of angels. I remember this very, very distinctly: First came two women angels, and in the middle, my grandfather, followed by another two women angels. I remember the room became very bright with white light, and my chest filled up with a feeling of complete and utter warmth. I can still remember this feeling to this day. I also remember waking up my mother and telling her that Grandpa Bunny had just come into the room with four other angels. My mother was trying to explain to me (being four years old) that Grandpa was dead, but I stuck to my story.

I also told her that my Grandfather had thanked me for the prayer and that he would return one to me someday. I do not remember this, but I believe it did happen. I know that my Grandfather watches over me when I am in bad situations. Being a 16-year-old party girl now, I know he's saved me from some pretty scary situations.

I prayed for protection from a boyfriend who started to become physically abusive with me. I tried several times to get away, but he always would find me and threaten me. I was scared and prayed to God and Grandpa Bunny for protection.

This item lit up when I had opened my eyes from the prayer and I put it on... I knew it was empowered and blessed. I was protected from the boy, and the next time he flipped out on me one of my friends dads was outside and heard it, he happened to be a cop and I had the proof I needed for a restraining order -- this was no coincidence, this was the blessing from Grandpa.

** It has been 9 years since this piece was granted to Shae....Shae's piece protected her for years and she recently got married and all has been great -- so now she wants to pass on the piece. We purchased, and tested the piece and now it is available to you!!