Spectre with an Axe
Spectre with an Axe
Spectre with an Axe

Spectre with an Axe

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Spectre with an Axe

This incident happened when I was on vacation in Finland. I was driving from the capital, Helsinki, to a small town in northwestern Finland. I was tired, so I didn't drive very fast and I had to stop often to have some coffee to keep me awake. I began to be in a hurry because I had to be at my destination at 6 o'clock in the morning....so I looked at the map and decided to take a shortcut~!

The road I turned on to was quite wide, but bumpy. I was driving pretty fast when I suddenly saw an elk running from the forest in front of me! I pushed the brakes and suddenly I noticed that the road surface was icy. I managed to avoid collision, but something hit the front wheel and the tire blew out. I managed to get to a bus stop where I decided to check out the damages.

I stepped out of the car and noticed the damaged wheel. I looked around and I didn't see anything unusual. I went back inside the car to warm up before changing the wheel. I was looking straight ahead when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I turned my head, but there wasn't anything there. But when I turned my head away I saw something again in the corner of my eye. Then I felt as if someone was staring at me. I've never been a scared person, but for some reason I felt very afraid. I decided to get out of the car to prove to myself that there wasn't anyone there. It was a mistake....

When I stepped out, I suddenly saw the figure of a large man standing on the road, lit by my car's headlights. He just stared at me for about 10-15 seconds. Then the figure stepped closer and I tried to get back inside the car, but I couldn't get the door open.

Now I saw him clearly. He was about 8 feet tall and he had blood all over his body. He came closer and closer and then I noticed he had an axe in his hand... I totally panicked and just ran away.

I had run for about a mile when I saw a car coming toward me. I waved at it, and the driver asked me if I had a problem. I told him that my wheel was broken and lied that I was walking to the nearest town. He said that he could help and he gave me a ride back to my car. We fixed the wheel and he drove away.

Everything seemed normal. I said to myself, "I must have been dreaming..." and got inside the car. Then I suddenly noticed the figure was standing about two hundred feet away from the road behind a tree. I panicked again and drove away.

I drove away as fast as I could and checked into a hotel in the next town. When I opened my trunk to get out my luggage I discovered the beings bloody axe and the massacred body of a woman. After getting a huge shiver through my body, I vomited and then contacted the authorities.

I explained what had happened, but they thought I was crazy. Thank God my fingerprints were not found anywhere near the body, or the weapon.... this was my only saving grace!

I had to stay in Finland for months as there was a full investigation. The whole thing was crazy -- but through it my visionary powers were heightened and I was able to communicate with the murder victim and she gave me details that led to the location she was killed. There a necklace was found in which the killers finger prints were found, he was located and in his home they found tall step shoes, that were like stilts that he wore to throw off people on his height -- which is why I thought he was about 8 feet tall~!

The skills that Noora, the victim, implemented into me helped me to solve the murder and clear myself. She unlocked the facets of generative knowledge within my brain to give me full access to spirits that surround me. Many of us have blockages that do not allow this association -- and I was able to pull Noora's spirit into this piece, and she is willing to unlock all the powers and abilities into the person who connects with this.

Your new found strengths and powers will evade, and impress you. Connection with the realm of spirits will open up a whole new spectrum and view point of our world to you!