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I Met My Guardian Angel

It was about 7 in the evening in July, 2001. I had returned home from a walk and was sitting on the bed to cool down before I  planned to shower. My husband had just stepped out of the bathroom and was just leaving our bedroom.

As I sat there, I saw the upper half of a man's body, seated, near the bathroom door, his head looking in the other direction. His skin was fair, translucent-like and he was blond. It took me a while to determine if it was a man's body because his shoulders were not distinctly masculine. I had an instinct that what I was seeing was something to do with the supernatural, or angels, and I was still focusing on the shoulders to see if there were wings. There were none. When he turned his face toward me and looked at me, I saw that his face had perfect proportions; his facial features were not distinctly masculine nor feminine.

I have never seen such eyes in a person, nor such a face before. At that moment, my mind seemed to have a million thoughts and questions run through it.. I moved my head forward as I wanted to be able to see the pupils in his radiant, sky-blue eyes. I was looking into his eyes when I then saw ripples in the air - much like ripples which grew larger when you drop a stone in a pool of water - originating from his forehead coming in my direction toward my face.

At that moment, I heard a deep and kind male voice (the man did not move his lips) saying, "I know everything about you." I felt amused and I actually managed a smile as I was (and usually am) a natural skeptic, thinking, "Now, NOBODY knows EVERYTHING about me." At that moment, the man disappeared - just like that. It felt like a some time had passed. I called my husband to relate the story to him, but time had not passed much, he thought I was crazy.

I had a few more occurrences and then looked for help to make sense out of my experiences.

** We were contacted by Mildred and did a full investigation. After a full 5 day investigation and being able to sense and see the spirit for ourselves, we learned that this was indeed her Guardian Angel. He gave us information that a mixture of heightened energies and body temperatures can make the angels visible. It is a very are combination -- but this happened when Mildred sat down on her bed.

Once you see them once, they then can showcase themselves to you as they please.

We pulled power from her Guardian Angel and channeled it into this piece, this piece allows you to reach the rare bodily mixture of temperature and hydrenaline that will allow you to see and meet your Guardian Angel~!!

Incredible piece!!

~Sterling, size 7