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Trump Bumpin

Have you felt like an outcast because you are not the normal mold of what society views as elite?

Regardless of financial stature, people are often judged and excluded due to their looks, or their group of friends.

This piece was designed to radiate your presence and allow you to do what you want, when you want to without judgement of others.

Are you ready to paint the town and get into any club you want? Then this is the piece for you --- it is time for you to start "Trump Bumpin" and party in an expensive, high class, exclusive or stylish venue.

The limits now are in your hands. Do not be put down and told you are not "on the list" or that you do not fit the bill, as you will be rolling with extreme resilient confidence and parallel endowments of energy that will showcase that you are not a force to be reckon with.

** So many uses that this can be utilized for -- climb the ranks with this one!