Merlin's Majestics of May -- Item 7
Merlin's Majestics of May -- Item 7

Merlin's Majestics of May -- Item 7

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Merlin's Majestics of May -- Item 7

It is May and we just got a new portrayal of items from Merlin. He spent the whole month of April implementing frequency powers and empowering items... so now we are lucky enough to offer up the recent pieces that he invoked!

This item will grant you creative visualization.

Many people are convinced that we create our own reality, much of the time unconsciously. Through meditation and other means, however, we can focus our will to consciously  manifest the things we desire~!

Mediation and the other tools of creative visualization may allow our frequencies to harmonize with the frequencies of the greater universe to produce desired outcomes.

This is a faceted piece that will bring you a positive flow and allow you to have full reign of the creative visualizations without having to meditate all the time. Meditating will help you find solace and a deeper connection, but it is not necessary for you to be empowered by this piece!

Find out how much of your reality is truly that, "reality", as you are enriched by this creative visualization and are able to see and focus on your conscious and unconscious states to forecast what you want in your physical life.

Now you can get what you need, want and desire, by creatively visualizing it~!

**Sterling, Size 7 with stunning powerful stone