Merlins Majestics of May -- Item 10
Merlins Majestics of May -- Item 10

Merlins Majestics of May -- Item 10

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Merlins Majestics of May -- Item 10

It is May and we just got a new portrayal of items from Merlin. He spent the whole month of April implementing frequency powers and empowering items... so now we are lucky enough to offer up the recent pieces that he invoked!

I am sure you have all heard about the strong ties and connections between a parent and child, and also of twin siblings?! Well there are often times that these genetic skills are lacking and the connections are just not there.

For those who do experience this, the well-documented psychic connections between parent and child, and between identical twins is imparted as a link to vibrational frequencies being on the same level.

A parent and child each have unique vibrational frequencies, but their frequencies may be similar enough that they are more easily harmonized. Since a child literally is created directly from the energy of the parent, perhaps we can assume that their frequencies are similar, in the same way that their physical traits are similar. This is how it is possible for a parent to know that her child has been injured or in danger, even though they many be many hundreds of miles apart.

We have all heard the case studies of twins who also can remotely sense each others’ physical and emotional experiences. Twins, although unique, may have energy frequencies that are so similar that their consciousness can transcend time and space to sometimes know what the other is feeling or experiencing.

Time and space are irrelevant with regard to these frequencies and their ability to communicate with one another.

The aspects of bonding with another this way is helpful and desirable, especially if it is someone very close to you. As a parent I know that I would love to know where my child is at all times, and what they are up to... unfortunately we have to work and be separated from our loved ones at times, but now with this item you can direct the links of frequency to one person you want to stay in tune with and the special bond will be imparted~!!

** You can utilize these by wearing them and forecasting your thoughts on to the one you want to have a connection with, or you can make these into 2 separate pendants and you wear one and give the other to the one you want to kinetically have a connection with~!!