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Have you ever been afraid to tell someone something about yourself? Maybe you are gay and are scared to tell your friends and family? Maybe you have cheated on your spouse and are burdened with the guilt?

Well when things like this occur people will sometimes start a rumor themselves, that depicts the truth to see how people will react.

If the reaction is not good, then of course they cover it up and say someone was out to get them, and if people seem accepting they may come clean!

Anyway, this is something we all come across almost daily.... they are known as "trumors" a rumor which was spread, but actually turned out to be true --- rumor + true= trumor.

I used to be a magnet for these things.... as I work part-time in a restaurant and people would disclose information to me, their server, that would blow your mind!

Things I would not even know about my best friend, are told to me about this person I am serving... it is crazy.

I found out this way that one of my best friends moms was having an affair --- and it was odd because I didn't know if it was true or not, somehow my friend Tenille's name came up and I said "I know her" and this woman was like, yeah her mom has a new man. I didn't know if I should bring it up to Tenille, or ignore it because it wasn't my business... but I did not want her to be blindsided by the news either.

Well you will never have to worry about crazy trumors, as this piece is an ignition of truth. This will let you know when you hear gossip if it is real, or simply a rumor.

This works with a psychic sense, arousing your mind with the factors of the knowledge to implement in your mind and acknowledge what you have heard. You will get a white light flash within your mind to spark that what you heard was true ---- if this does not occur then it is merely gossip.