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Our hands are a portal to extreme energy, as they are one of the areas where we can gain, and release, power. Your plse is strong at you wrist due to the nature of the relinquishment of the energies in and out of your body from your hands.

This is a majestic nail file --- as we dispose of useful enegies and conjured forces when we cut our nails~!

It is good to have manicured nails and to keep your hands clean, but if you are in the middle of collecting a power souce when you clip your nails, you will damage the interaction and not gain the facets of strength that you would have received.

This is why sometimes you may feel a strong connection to an item one day, and then the next it might be gone --- as you are hindering your own success!

With this piece you can manicure your nails by filing them down, and you will not lose the facets of the energies, as this piece is inhabited with powers that will generate the fundamentals of energies into you! The portal of gaining powers, and extracting negative particles, will be able to flow with ease and you will see, and sense, success in the areas of majestic abilities~