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The Cross of Light

Several months ago, I was watching the movie Joan of Arc. As the story goes, Joan claimed to have visions and hear the voice of God. She said that she was to lead the armies of France to defeat the English. In fact, she did exactly that with the support of the French King, only later to be betrayed by him and burned at the stake for heresy by the church leaders of that time. Many years later, Joan was declared to be a Saint by the Church.

As the movie ended, I thought, "How ironic. And what makes Church leaders think that the common man cannot communicate with God, that this privilege is somehow reserved for them?"

As I turned my head, I noticed a bright light in the hallway. Sunlight was reflecting through my patio door onto a family picture in the hall reflecting on the opposite wall. The light seemed to pulsate, side to side and up and down. It grew in size until it took form as a cross, beautiful in shape about eight feet tall and six feet across. It was tapered toward the center and flared out toward the ends of the cross with the radiance in the center.

This happened in a matter of 30 seconds or so. I called to my friend in the other room to come quick. By the time she got there, it was gone. Aside from being a very unusual occurrence, I found the timing of the event to be intriguing.

Then this piece emerged by the door --- sparkly in the light of the sun it caught my eyes and when I picked it up I was filled with a great warmth.

This has been tested and is found to hold angelic resonance that will enlighten you with eternal blessings. You will be lifted from the ruins and struggles that you have been dealing with and will be able to fortify a new pathway and rise from the ashes. This is a remarkable item that will implement the clearance of divine power so you can directly communicate with your Guardian Angel and God himself.

Incredible faceted piece of religious appeal~