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I'm sorry that I did not have my egg hunt this year but I was away on investigation and could not do it. But no worries because there is something great coming up that you will all love! I'm so tired right now and I have no tv in this office,this sucks!

I'm now back from investigation and will post about it soon. Shipping will resume on Tuesday. We now also take Western Union IF your in the USA. If I'm holding an item for you and it is not paid for it will be returned to stock sometime today or tomorrow. The images you are seeing on these listings are tarot cards. When any item is bought with these images you will get a mini reading.

I so hate to do this,smack me,go ahead because I deserve it.

I hate to sell rocks. To me it is a cheap and disgusting way for some to make a buck by just sending you a rock in the mail. They pick them from drive ways or buy them wholesale in rock shops but these you won't find anywhere else.

These are called Dobbie Stones. They started way back in England when you poured a liquid offering over them. These were placed in cats bowls for health of the cat but more so to allow the cat or other animal that lived in the home to become telepathic. You may pour milk or water over the stone and you just leave it in the bowl. I have been playing with these for about a year and they do work.

I use these on Admiral Crooked Bones because I know while he is a mean sea cat he is sensitive. I wanted him to be able to communicate with me when he needed to. He has done so three times. I also tried these on him because I travel a lot on research and investigations. This last one I went on a trail of vampires to see if it was all real. I was to go to Alaska which I will post on the forum and will also tell you why I did not go. I will type it up while I have lunch today.

You see Admiral Crooked Bones is obese! He hangs to the floor and has dainty feet and is strong and fierce. But I had this one cat because this old woman did not want it because she obviously did not care for the cats feelings. I took it and he was so depressed from leaving his home that he went into liver failure. I did not know it at the time. The vet said that huge cats when they change homes or lose a home will go anorexic like my aunt skeletol. When it happens to a cat they have liver failure and die. She said I had to force feed this cat and it was horrific. I feel I caused it more pain and then I wanted to shove a shovel in the vets face for giving me advice that killed my cat and in a painful way. Before you listen to your vet ask me first. I have cats and I know about them. I also removed a brain tumor from my one cat by myself. I knew where to get the knock out drugs as they used to sell them at Edmund Scientific. She lived 6 more years after that and died of old age. I threw up during the operation but I still got through it. It did however end my career as a brain surgeon. You can't throw up in someone head and think it is alright,it's just not.

Anyway back to Admiral Crooked Bones. He gets a little excited when I'm gone for more then three days and he then uses his telepathic ability to see where I am and to tell me to come home. I answer back and then he is alright

These are good,get one now. One is all you need.