One More Day With You

One More Day With You

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One More Day With You ~

In Cherokee lore there are old witches and wizards who live off the livers of the dead. When a person falls ill, the witches and wizards shape-shift into invisible forms and gather around the bedside, tormenting the person until they die.

After the person is buried, they dig up their body and feast on the liver. In this manner, it is noted that they gain strength and lengthen their own lives as many days as they stole from the dead person.

This process is known as life extension empowerment. This process of taking on days of life is evoked into this piece. You do not have to wish anyone ill or feast on their organs, but when you wear this piece and a soul is relinquished that is given the choice to turn back and live, or continue on to the afterlife and they choose to pass --- you will gather the extra days that they would have been able to have.

This piece encompasses an area of 3 miles in circumference around you; so anyone that passes, with the choice, and has 'extra days' will forfeit them to you!

This is a piece of passion and you must be in good health to adhere to the power --- this is not a miracle piece that will extend the life of someone who is chronically ill.

This is a installment factor of keeping you in good spirits and extending the vitality of your days ~

It is an awesome piece -- the testing done was psychic visionary vallorn, which showcased the energies and power in the piece to Deedee to implement that the souls dropped their second chances and the piece attracts the extra vitality of life upon the wearer of this item~!!

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