Colastel's Powers Proclaimed

Colastel's Powers Proclaimed

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Colastel's Powers Proclaimed

Colastel is an old male witch who is comparable to an undead vampire. The witch died and was buried in a tree in a grove used as a burial place. Later in the winter, an Indian man and his wife decided to camp in the grove for a night, and built their camp fire. After supper, the wife looked up and saw dark things hanging in the trees. Her husband said they were the dead of long ago. The wife felt uneasy, and said they should stay awake all night. The husband ignored her and went to sleep.

Soon the fire went out. The wife heard a gnawing sound, like an animal chewing on a bone. She was too frightened to move, but stayed awake all night. In the morning she tried to wake her husband, but found he was dead. His left side had been gnawed away, and his heart was gone. Terrified, she ran away. She came upon a lodge and spilled out her story, but the people suspected her of murdering her husband. They all went to the scene, where they found the husband’s body, and the dead witch hanging overhead in the tree. They took the witch (Colastel) down and wrapped it from its burial shroud. Its mouth and face were covered with blood.

The woman, Linda, took her husbands wedding band when he was buried, she wanted it to remember him by. She found herself unable to sleep at night, she could only sleep when the sun was up; this made the woman lose her job.

Her whole life was patronized by the horrific experience that she encountered on her last getaway with her husband.

She kept feeling scared and so she would take out his ring and hold it for comfort -- this always made her uneasy... she didn't know why. She saw a news article about Deedee and her psychic abilities and contacted her. Deedee talked with her briefly on the phone and then asked her in she could come for a face to face meeting.

The woman flew in from Missouri to meet Deedee and right away there was a connection in Deedee's head that showcased a gold band to her. She questioned Linda about a gold band, and Linda pulled her husbands wedding ring out of her pocket.

This wedding band entraps the spirit of Colastel -- when he was startled from the movement of Linda during the attack he entered the ring to hide. In order for the witch to attack, it must be dark and the victim must be asleep --- he had fear of being killed by a gun or knife that Linda could have had, so he stayed inside of the ring.

Since no one has been asleep at night in Linda's house, Colastel has yet to emerge from the piece. Deedee was able to conjure Colastels spirit and moved it from the wedding band into a new piece, the item you see below.

Linda was able to move on with her life and now is able to sleep again, she has gotten her life back on track; she has a good job and is dating again. The emblem of her husband is now a piece she does find comfort in when she needs to talk or pray to her deceased love ~

The item below holds Colastel and his powers; since he has not been able to attack in over a year, he no longer will be able to leave the piece, so there is no worry of being killed by him.

The fascination with this item is that all of his powers and abilities reside within it and they will be relinquished upon the person who wears the piece and allows his spirit to merge with you; since you can not be a victim, he now is looking for a master to continue his occult abilities to bring variance to the World.

You will be able to invoke the powers of the "controlling unknown" and fly upon the night winds allowing you to transcend the astral plane.

This is a magnificent piece of witchery power that is rare and holds controlling abilities that will be an asset to any occult follower!

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