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I have a great friend from high school who moved to New York a few years ago. She recently graduated with her Master's degree and is on the hunt for a job. Over the past few months she has been extremely tired when she gets home because she is working several part-time jobs, to get by, until she lands a job in her field.

She keeps seeing a creature that emerges from under her porch, she kept thinking it was a cat and so she would call to it... but as it would get close to her it was very scary looking and she would run away!

This has happened on several occasions over the past few months, she said it looks like a cat that is blended with a possum. It is creepy looking and her roommates think she is nuts.

No one else has seen this 'creature', even after looking under the porch! Last month she was walking up to her house when she heard scattering and the animal came into sight --- this time she didn't run, she wanted to see if she was seeing things.

The being came up to her and a shiver shot up her spine. The being was scary and strange looking --- she was just about to run when a shining light brightly lit under the animal.

Janice, my friend, was in shock... she had no idea what was happening!?

The light seemed to cover the creature and then its eyes turned white. In a matter of a minute the creature was gone and a variety of sparkling jewels remained.

Janice shook her head and wiped her eyes to make sure that this was reality. She went over and picked up the pieces and went inside to show her roomies; they all thought this was a cry for help... that she has been overworked.

Janice called me and told me the story --- she said that 'no one believes her', she knew she wasn't crazy, and so did I. For Christmas I had given her a necklace that was enlightened with visionary powers. It can work with people differently and she loved the look of the piece and has been wearing it now for months.

The piece brought forth visions of things no one else could see. This creature is known as a borticul. The borticul is a sign of power and wealth. The implemented pieces of jewelry that the creature left behind are filled with incredible evictions of power.

I went to visit Janice and looked at the pieces, she had awesome pieces, many bringing wealth attributes.

Janice kept a money piece to help bring forth help for her student loans and gave the remaining pieces to me.

You will receive one of the pieces that you see below --- they will bond with you and bring you powers of status, relationship glorification, wealth and inner power~

These are elevated pieces that process with your body to empower and enrich you!


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