A Sacred Dragon Egg

A Sacred Dragon Egg

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A Sacred Dragon Egg

I received this piece from Adita, our personal correspondent who specializes in Asian magic. It came from a monastery in the Chinese wilderness. She infiltrated the ranks of the monks by insisting that she wanted to become a Buddhist, which was never the case. Hey, a has got to do what a girl has got to do.

You should be very thankful for her efforts, indeed. It was these efforts that bring you the piece that you see here. It was hidden in the basement of the Monastery's center cathedral. She wasn't supposed to be there, so she waited until midnight, long after all of her monk counterparts had retired.

She opened the trapped door to the basement and descended down a maze of hallways that twisted and turned and looped. She happened upon a room that was illuminated by a Chinese eternal flame of life. The flame threw grotesque shadows on the wall, but it didn't keep this tough girl from finding out what was being held in this room.

As a result of a fierce investigation that involved some heavy snooping, Adita came across the piece that you see here. It is an original Dragon's Egg. Not like a real egg, but this is what pieces such as these are called. As you all know, dragons are a universal symbol for luck, fame, fortune, wealth, wisdom and success. She took the piece, packed her belongings and was gone by the time the monks awoke in the morning. As far as they know, Adita vanished into thin air. Let's keep it that way.

She sent the piece to me, and upon further investigation, I have confirmed the piece's powers which are as follows. You will gain the wisdom of the ancient, sacred Chinese dragon. This wisdom will give you the secrets to Chinese magical arts. You will be able to use these magical arts for your own purposes, but remember they are white in nature and do not perform evil acts.

You will be guided by the spirits of ancient Chinese Samurai, who will fight for you and lead your path to success in everything including love, financial freedom, wealth, and any other thing that you endeavor. They will give you spiritual protection and keep you free from harms way until it is your turn to return from whence you arrived.

The piece that you are receiving is a marvelously crafted, original Chinese Dragon Egg. It sparkles in the light and seems to almost emanate its powers. It is on a chain and you can wear it for bonding purposes or merely keep it in your pocket. Do not miss out on this one, as it is sure to go quickly.

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