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Time Revision and Crappy Movies

Here is a piece that we developed for Deedee out of humor one day. We were having a chance conversation while we were working in the office one day. She gave us the run down on a really crappy movie she had watched over the weekend. She didn't spoil the ending, but she did have quite a few comments about the movie including, “If I were to rate this movie on a scale of 1 to 5.... it wouldn't eve make a five!” and “That was two hours of my life I'm never getting back.”

Joking around I confirmed that those were indeed two hours that she will never EVER get back. Then, I wondered to myself if they really had to be hours she would never get back. What if there was a way that we were able to give Deedee her two hours worth of a crappy movie back? With this in mind, I pulled up my sleeves and got to work.

After about of week of planning and contacting my spiritual sources, I finally found a way that I could do this. It's not like I'm sending anyone back in time, and I'm not putting anyone's life on any type of human DVR. Rather, I worked hand in hand with one of my other sources, whose credentials include being an expert in witchcraft and voodoo, sourcing and handcrafting powers, and city on the council of a covert group of professional alchemists.

Her skills along with my psychic abilities were able to forge an alliance between multiple powers and summon the Keepers of the Gate of Time. With the powers that the Keepers of the Gate enodwed us with, we were able to create the piece that you see here.

How does this piece work? It's simple. Go ahead, watch all the crappy movies you want. When you wear this piece, the spirits in it are going to watch the crappy movie with you. If, in your mind and soul, are displeased in any way with the movie (and I mean you have to be Truly, Truly displeased-- the spirits will know) you gain the ability to also summon the Keepers of the Gate of Time.

Since we are all living on borrow time, anyhow,t he Keepers can allot you time accordingly for the movie that you just spend two hours of your life watching. Normally, you would never ever get this time back, but we have changed all that, because if you are truly unhappy, the Keepers will help.

They will give you the power of a special divination that will allow you to add the time back to the end of your life, essentially allowing you to get your time back. The spirits will be able to read your mind and you will only be able to you use this piece to get time back for unpleasant experiences that are naïve and innocent in nature. You will also gain the ability to perform white light spells and magic, because you will need this knowledge to make your power work.

Deedee has used this piece, and added the two hours onto the end of her time. This piece really works and will work for you. GO ahead, indulge in your movies. If you don't like them-- no harm, no foul.

I can give you the same review that I gave Steve. You can still go see it and enjoy or rather waste your time as well. Here is what the movie is about. I touched myself but had to stop because mother was watching,I clipped fingernails,I touched myself again but bot sure if I finished the job,clipped fingernails,mother clipped fingrnails,I threw up,I had another girl touch myself, my dance instructor touched me, I clipped fingernails, I'm not sure if girl touched me now, could have killed someone but not sure,slipped fingernails and threw up again. And so it goes on and on. Bottom line,movie sucked!!!

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