Black-Eyed People

Black-Eyed People

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The Black-Eyed People

Having psychic ability is a pretty enlightening experience. I can say this confidently, because I must have been saturated in this ability when I was still just a soul-- a twinkle in my Father's eye. Growing up, I often had imaginary friends, that later I realized weren't so imaginary. Ordinary children don't actually “see” their imaginary friends. I've always seen mine and I still do. However, I know these friends aren't imaginary anymore. It is my psychic ability that give me the ability to encounter these people.

It is this very same ability that is allowing me to tell you this story right now... and to offer you the piece that is pictured here. About a year and a half ago, I began having really bizarre dreams. “They” would show up and manifest themselves to me. At first I had no idea who “they” were and what “they” were about.

For about the first month, I had no experience with the beings other than the fact that they were there. They would manifest their presence in my sleep and in my dreams. They were constantly watching me, as if they were evaluating me or reading me. It was uncomfortable, and I found myself resisting sleep as often as I could. It was inevitable though, and besides, even when I was awake, I knew they were there... watching me.

After the first month, one of the black-eyed people, their leader, approached me in my dreams. Not saying a word, he took me by the hand and stared deep into my eyes. This was the first time that I realized that his eyes, in their entirety were a piercing black color. It looked like nothingness that went on and on forever. After a few seconds they began swirling like a supernova, there was an immense explosion and I found myself in entirely different surroundings.

It was in this way that the black-eye people communicated with me. This is how they held dialogue. They showed everything, they didn't ever tell anything. This is how they gifted me with the piece that you see here. They took me to a place that was distant and confusing. I wasn't sure what the place was or where it existed. All I know is that is was from another realm. This is where I found the piece that you see here. When I awoke, I found the piece lying next to me, in my bed, radiating magical abundance.

In testing this piece I have found that this piece to be efficient in delivering visions and prophecy from the future. It will share details, and give you visions. It will pass scenes from the future through your mind, as though you were really there. You will obtain the wisdom of the black-eyed people, who I've seen many times using this piece. That black-eyes are immortal spirits. They are guardians and keepers of the time. They manifest themselves to those who are capable of seeing and comprehending their message.

This piece will make you capable. You will achieve the spiritual assistance that is needed to receive the messages of the black-eyes. Do not be afraid, they will guide you along your spiritual journey and send you messages and prophecy from the future. You will also be able to perform their magical element of time alchemy.

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