Ancient Ways of Agade

Ancient Ways of Agade

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How something as big as a city goes missing is far and beyond me, but it happens. In fact, that's exactly what happened to the ancient City of Agade.  About 2,000 years prior to the Romans developing their intercontinental empire, the Akkadian Empire was already in full bloom.  It covered the areas stretching from the Mediterranean Sea all the way to modern-day Iran. Their artwork, sculptures, frescoes, were considered top-notch for their day.  The were able to preserve one of the oles Semitic dialects known to scholarship.  This is no little feat people. 

At the center of all this Hubbub, there was a city named Agade.  It is where many people travelled to gain enlightenment.  It was one of the most important cities in ancient Mesopotamia.  It was a cultural epicenter and influence events as far away as Mesopotamia.  Then, one day it just disappeared and wasn't there anymore. 

For the longest time historians and scientists have not been able to come up with an answer.  That's okay, because I have an answer for you.  It lies in the magic that is in this piece.  Apparently the elders of the ancient City of Agade decided that the world was becoming to barbaric of a place.  Wars destroyed things and they wanted to preserve their intelligence.  They rescinded the city from existence, casting a final spell on it that transported the whole city to an entirely different realm. 

These pieces allow you to travel to the ancient city of Agade that exists on a different plain now.  When you get there you will able to experience the ancient city.  Artwork and stuff like that is all good and well, but you will also be please to find out that Agade was also an ancient epicenter of magic and power.  When you find your way to the lost city of Agade, you will also find magic.  This magic came during a time of enlightenment for the Mesopotamian Region.  The magic will allow you to travel outside of your own body to learn the ways and magic of the elders of Agade, which will pretty much bring you any power and/or ability that you want or need!  All you have to do is ask for a power and the ways will be shown to you through the secrets of the ancients.